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Dodge Charger 1968 Restoration Pt.1
Dodge Charger 383 big block restoration project. This 1968 Charger was imported into the UK last February from the States. It turned from a fixer upper into a proper restoration as these beautiful classics have got to be done right! The advert pics looked good but in the flesh not so much! Due to the amount of work carried out I have not had anytime to make and upload any videos recently so I apologise for that! There will be videos coming up soon with Part 2 of the Charger restoration being next! CHECK OUT THE AFFILIATE LINKS FOR ALL THE USEFUL TOOLS USED FOR THIS RESTORATION ANGLE GRINDER https://goo.gl/c8nuEG CLARKE MIG WELDER https://goo.gl/N9EJNG DUAL ACTION SANDER AIR https://goo.gl/SqAsDM ELECTRIC https://goo.gl/ydxucX AIR SHEARS https://goo.gl/Yr5w7w AIR NIBBLER https://goo.gl/iBMl8P TIN SNIPS https://goo.gl/iZAGAI

Dodge Charger 1968 Restoration Pt.2
Here we have a few more photos of what`s been happening with the 68 Charger. First of all I want to apologise for the time taken to update all of you! All of your kind comments on the previous video have kept me going in what has been the most tedious part of this build... sanding, sanding, a few surprise patches of rust, sanding and more sanding. As its just me on my own its been a difficult task to work on this car as well as keeping all my other customers cars sorted. I`ve also had to deal with a house purchase and move as well as moving my mum from old to new house! As you can see in the video there been a lot of prepping and painting going on. Basically any component that isn`t being replaced has been cleaned, stripped, primed and painted. The original radiator has been sent off and has been re-cored with high flow internals. The starter motor and the wiper motor have been reconditioned. The door latches, strikers, trunk hinges and latch and the hood hinges and latch have gone through ultrasonic blasting - as you can see from the hood latch picture. A really good process using water and fine beads - it wont damage rubber or plastic just the rust!! Apologies again for the delay in updating you all so here is just a few pics. I will be doing a walkaround video and first start video when we get to that stage. Thanks for watching!!

Dodge Charger Restoration

1969 RS Camaro "CONTRABAND"
My 1969 Rally Sport Camaro that is still a project. I started this August on the car and I have done and spent alot of $$, but I think it's worth it. I put a 6.8 Liter engine into it packing around 450+hp. 400 Chevy Engine. Aluminum Radiator, 3 inch X pipe with dual Borla mufflers. I see no end in the $$ spending but F... it! I think it's worth it.