1989 honda civic d15b2 vs 89 accord with a f22? or f20? i forget....

d15b2 full header back Exhaust + test pipe on street, aem intake, short shifter and i think thats it vs 88? 89? accord with a f?22? sohc

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Honda Accord F22 Burnout
De parte de " Dominguito Honda... " O_o

H2B F2B F22 Civic Del Sol - running 100%
Assembled with a cheap F22B2, cheap Integra LS transmission, a custom wire harness, and eCtune. It leans back nearly like a stock F & H-series would, and the header lines up perfectly with the Civic Exhaust. This was done with NO adapter plate, just custom brackets to connect the engine & trans and the halfshaft to the block. It uses all OEM mounts, the header lines up with the stock Exhaust, uses the stock shift linkage, stock axles, and could run power steering with a modded crank pulley. The previous video with loping idle was caused by a clogged EGR system. I disconnected the vacuum line and now it runs perfect. I added my 370cc InjectorNation.com matched fuel injectors, which can be seen with the plug&play electrical adapters for Honda OBD1/OBD0 (Jetronic/Minitimer) clips. I also got a working alternator belt and extended the Exhaust 4" to fit the stock Civic Exhaust. The engine harness is a hybrid of a Civic and Accord harness, which is required for any F or H-series swap. Keep in mind this "shell" is a junker I've only been using for testing so my main car wouldn't be down til it was working 100%. Build thread: http://www.d-series.org/forums/showcase/165862-f2b-h2b-nonsense-build-threa d.html DIY Plateless H2B/F2B thread: http://www.d-series.org/forums/diy-forum/188137-h2b-f2b-w-o-plate.html

My Honda Accord F22 VS. Chevy Tahoe
My Buddie wanted to race my F22... so i said eh.. ok lets run it.... thats me in the accord... (graystripe87)COMMENTS PLEASE

EG F22.3gp