Sleeping Police E55 Speed Trap

Mercedes E55 AMG Passes a Police speed trap and a officer who is not paying attention while going WAY over the speed limit. Lucky day for the test driver...

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State trooper pulling over vehicles
Georgia State Patrol trooper pulling over vehicles on Ga. Highway 316 for traveling in the left lane without passing.

E63 AMG vs M5 A MUST SEE!!!!!!!!
Portland OR. Saturday Youth conference day at Emanuel Church.

Los Angeles police attempting to serve an arrest warrant for assault with a deadly weapon, found themselves chasing the suspect instead as he fled in his Mercedes. The driver struck numerous cars while fleeing police before blowing a tire and exiting the freeway. He then jumped a fence and runs into a hotel where he was eventually arrested by police. (1998)

Speed Trap Denied
Locals warn travelers of speed trap in Winchester, New Hampshire.