tobique valley racing labor day 08 suzuki samurai 5.0

tobique valley

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D-Limit Video: Barranco Blanco
We go for a ride in Barranco Blanco with 3 Suzuki Samurai, a Nissan Patrol with a Rover V8 and a Toyota Land Cruiser. Cool ditch that did dent the side of the Patrol and the door and rear quarter on the Toyota. All suzukies running 4.16 transferbox with a Ruf setup. Enjoy!

How To Rebuild A 1.3L Suzuki Samurai Engine (Part 1) Crankshaft Installation
This video shows how to install a crankshaft in a 1.3L Suzuki Samurai engine. It includes the installation of main bearings and how to check for proper main bearing clearance using plastigauge. Visit us at: or call 801-805-6644. We are your one stop shop for Suzuki and Toyota needs.

The Fixer and the Samurai - /TUNED
When we arrived in Panama City, all our plans completely fell apart. We had nothing, and no one. Until Joel Bolanos came along, became our fixer, and saved our trip. In this film, we take Joel's brilliant custom Suzuki Samurai up in the Cerro Azul, Panama's mountain region, for a little off roaring adventure.

How To Rebuild A 1.3L Suzuki Samurai Engine (Part 7) Timing Belt, Valve Adjust, and Water Pump
This video shows the proper installation of the water pump and timing belt on a 1.3L Suzuki Samurai engine. It also includes proper valve lash adjustment procedures. For parts and tech support go to or call 801.805.6644.