tobique valley racing labor day 08 suzuki samurai 5.0

tobique valley

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D-Limit Video: Barranco Blanco
We go for a ride in Barranco Blanco with 3 Suzuki Samurai, a Nissan Patrol with a Rover V8 and a Toyota Land Cruiser. Cool ditch that did dent the side of the Patrol and the door and rear quarter on the Toyota. All suzukies running 4.16 transferbox with a Ruf setup. Enjoy!

Suzuki Samurais Offroad - Its a good little truck
Here is a short highlight reel of our samurai wheelin' trips from a few years ago. The soundtrack jumps around since it is chopped up into smaller peices. The Zuk's ROCK!

Suzuki V8 Beowulf 02
Beowulf after wintertrip offroad. V8-engine idling. Just for fun ...

v8 Samurai
Samurai with a chevy small block, locked up toyota axles, and 35's.