Metropolitan Police - Unmarked Volvo V50 On Emergency Call

One of the Mets unmarked vehicles on an Emergency Call through Parliament Square. This video was taken with a Panasonic TZ7.

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MET POLICE x3 (2x Unmarked, 1x BMW Area Car)
Three Met Police vehicles captured in Trafalgar Square, unmarked Volvo, unmarked BMW and reserve BMW 5 Series Area Car.

Dorset Police / Unmarked Volvo V70 / Roads Policing Unit / RTC Demo
I don't normally post videos of unmarked vehicles because of the role they portray but as this was at a public event and the plates where on show it does not really matter as everyone now knows what to look out for on the roads !!! The roads traffic officer is probs going to get a telling off for bringing the vehicle ! Anyone know of anyway to block the plates on a video for future reference ? Seen here at the Dorset fire fayre 2014 at service HQ Dorchester.

RARE - Private Ambulance Volvo V50 + Metropolitan Police x2 riot vans responding
RARE - Private Ambulance Volvo V50 and two London Metropolitan Police riot vans responding in Trafalgar Square, London, UK. More details below: As you can see, the Territorial Support Group officer is helpfully trying to guide both the protected carriers through and direct traffic - not an easy task in C.London, especially during protest. DG60 UOO - Central Midlands Ambulance Service (?) Rapid Response Vehicle Volvo 50 from Oxford Radcliffe NHS (?) LX54 JNF - XBW Metropolitan Police Police Support Unit/Protected Carrier Mercedes-Benz Sprinter LX05 DXF - GJZ Metropolitan Police Police Support Unit/Protected Carrier Mercedes-Benz Sprinter The Volvo V50 is known to do Organ Transplants, how-ever, that day it was seen on lights and sirens several times in Westminster, even onscene outside a building of entertainment. It is believed this is based at Oxford Radcliffe NHS in Oxford, but belongs to Birmingham based Central Midlands Ambulance Service - yet has been seen in London a few times (Understandably doing Organ Transplant runs). Anyone shed any light on this? Seems very odd. Recorded: 27th May 2015 Published: 29th May 2015 at 16:30. Thankyou for watching! - CobraEmergencyVideos Twitter: General talk and media Flickr: Emergency service photos Facebook page: For photos, videos, other media and various facts/related info! For compilations of emergency vehicles responding, visit: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- SPECIAL THANKS --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Special thank you to all emergency personnel who serve and who've served to save lives and thank you all related life saving agencies and forces for your work. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- COPYRIGHT --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- - Ⓒ Standard YouTube License - Video belongs to CobraEmergencyVideos --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- MISC --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Last updated: BEFORE PUBLICATION ___ Titles log: Last updated title: NEVER ___ Description log: Last updated description: NEVER ___ Tags log: Last updated tags: NEVER

Metropolitan Police Volvo V50 & Ford Mondeo Responding Together
Seen responding around Lambeth Roundabout, London Filmed on a Sony DCR-SR35