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Metropolitan Police - Unmarked Volvo V50 On Emergency Call

One of the Mets unmarked vehicles on an Emergency Call through Parliament Square. This video was taken with a Panasonic TZ7.


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[big collection] London Metropolitan Police
Hey guys, here you can see many emergency respondings in britain's capital, London. Most Videos were taken around Trafalgar Square, enjoy ;-) If you like, subscribe to our channel, thx :-) VISIT US ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/firescue112 August 2012 Sony HDR-CX200E

Blue Light Run
This footage was produced by Paul Archer from West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service and shows an excellent example of a typical 'shout'.

Inconspicuous Ingenuity 2014 - Escorted by the Met Police Special Escort Group
This is the definitive film on the world-renowned Metropolitan Police Special Escort Group. Charged with protecting and escorting heads of state, government ministers and the Royal Family through London and the south east, the unit is one of the most secretive in Britain. Filmed from a number of vantage points across London, this 30 minute HD film places you in the seat normally occupied by the principal VIP in the motorcade, giving you a unique view of the tactics and operations used by this media-shy group. Journalist Antony Loveless, who has extensive experience in the police and defence sectors, was given unprecedented access to the SEG and accompanied them on a number of escorts to produce this film. The result is ‘Inconspicuous Ingenuity’, which includes all-new footage of the group’s operations filmed from the ‘hot seat’. Highlights include an epic mid-afternoon run across central London, taking in many of the capital’s iconic landmarks, filmed from inside the lead Bentley in a motorcade consisting of eight vehicles and escorted by five riders. It also incorporates re-edited film from an escort in 2000 featuring a running commentary by the driver, one of the SEG’s most experienced members. Take your seat…and ride with the Metropolitan Police Special Escort Group.

MET Police Fail - When enforcing a rule it helps to know it first! #opsafeway
#operationsafeway Don't get me wrong, I absolutely and fully support the Police showing some presence to improve cycle safety and awareness! It's great! But it winds me up when those who are supposed to know and enforce the rules and are paid to do so - and let's face it, they are standing there to enforce one simple rule - by their own admittance don't even appear to know the specifics of that rule themselves! And this is by no means an isolated case! Misinformation like this only leads to even more hostility between cyclists and motorists because people will automatically assume that any driver stopped inside an ASL is just simply ignorant and breaking the law, no matter how they ended up in that situation. This can already be seen in numerous videos posted on YouTube by others who don't fully understand the rules surrounding ASLs themselves. In this case the bus driver did exactly what the law required him to do: He approached the junction on green and as he entered the ASL box the lights changed so he stopped before the second stop line, instead of crossing on red and ending up in a yellow box junction. Meanwhile the Police Officer wasn't watching the situation nor did he witness the lights change (which is actually a requirement for a potential ASL offence to be valid) as he had his back turned to the junction and was engaged in conversation with his colleague. He then proceeds to tell off the bus driver who hadn't actually done anything wrong and probably made him feel somewhat embarrassed in front of a bus full of passengers who wouldn't have known what really happened! When I pointed out to the officer that the bus was there perfectly legally he responds with "You seem to know more than me". It just strikes me as wrong when someone, as an officer of the law, is sent to do a simple job such as this one, yet isn't familiar with the rules! Especially since these boxes have been around for many years now and it isn't the first time I have seen Police Officers / PCSOs wrongly give out verbal warnings in these kind of situations! Dear MET Police: If you are going to be out and about for cycle awareness or "Operation Safeway" please do something actually useful, like get on a bike and deal with the real cycling issues on the road such as dangerous overtakers, red light jumpers, tail-gaters and what have you! Standing around at junctions like lamp posts does nothing whatsoever to improve cycle safety, especially if the people giving out the advice don't even appear to have fully understood the rules themselves or, as in the case of PCSOs, aren't able to stop or ticket offenders... Enforcing ASL violations are really one of the least important aspects of improving cycle safety in my opinion. What's more, it would probably be cheaper and more effective to educate the public about ASLs by running a TV campaign, rather than devoting so much manpower to a task with such limited benefits. http://content.met.police.uk/Article/Advanced-Stop-Lines/1400018009433/1400 018009433 @MetPoliceUK


Inconspicuous Ingenuity - Escorted by the Met Police's SEG
*NEW* See my new, re-imagined, reworked and narrated full-length documentary on the Special Escort Group in HD here: http://youtu.be/kmZ7hhREZhI An escort by the Metropolitan Police's secretive Special Escort Group filmed from the hot seat normally occupied by the VIP. Filmed live with commentary by the driver, on a training run from Heathrow Airport to Lambeth SE11 in February 2001.

Met Police Driving School
This video gives viewers an insight into the various driver training courses carried out at the Metropolitan Police Driving School at Hendon. The Driving School provides high quality driver training, aimed at enhancing both road and officer safety enabling the Police Service to carry out their role in difficult and demanding traffic conditions. Safety without compromise is the key message. For more information on the Metropolitan Police Driving School please visit the website - www.met.police.uk/mpds/index.htm

Metropolitan Police - Unmarked Vehicles On Emergency Call Collection
Various different videos of unmarked vehicles belonging to the Met Police on Emergency Calls. This video was taken with a panasonic TZ7.

5x Metropolitan Police Unmarked Vehicles Responding
RARE - 5 unmarked police vehicles from the Met police seen here responding past Hyde Park Corner, London. There was a total of 7 which went past in 10 minutes but I missed two of them. Vehicles are as follows; - Mitsubishi Outlander - Audi A1 - Mercedes Vito - Volkeswagen Golf GTi - Ford S-Max

Metropolitan Police | Ford Focus | Unmarked | St John | Ford Mondeo | LAS | Mercedes Sprinter
Taken in Central London, weird selection of vehicles on a shout in a short space!!!

Metropolitan Police - Unmarked Ford Mondeo Estate On 999 Emergency Call
Take a look at a Unmarked Ford Mondeo Estate Car On 999 Emergency Call. A BMW Patrol Car helped to get the traffic to move.

Metropolitan Police SEG Escorting President of Mexico & Prince Charles - Gets stuck in traffic
Outriders from the Met police Special Escort Group (SO14) seen escorting a big convoy of vehicles past Hyde Park Corner and towards Buckingham Palace. The first vehicle was carrying the President of Mexico (Pena Nieto) as part of his state visit to London and the second had Prince Charles and Camilla. Featuring two state Bentleys, two unmarked Land Rover discoverys, a BMW X5, eight Mercedes Vito minibuses and a marked Range Rover. As you can see they got slightly stuck in the morning traffic! SP: Motociclistas Policía vistos escoltando un convoy de vehículos en Londres. El primer vehículo transportaba al Presidente de México, Enrique Peña Nieto. DE: Polizei Motorradfahrer gesehen eskortieren einen großen Konvoi von Fahrzeugen in London. Das erste Fahrzeug wurde der Präsident von Mexiko tragen. FR: Motocyclistes de la police escortant vu un grand convoi de véhicules à Londres. Le premier véhicule transportait le président du Mexique. NL: Politie motorrijders gezien escorteren een groot konvooi van voertuigen in Londen. Het eerste voertuig werd het dragen van de president van Mexico.

Metropolitan & City of London Police - Big Police Convoys!
RARE - Here are 3 videos stitched together of several large police convoys passing through Knightsbridge during the Free Palestine protest cruise. Includes 8 traffic police motorcycles, 3 traffic cars (BMW X5, Mitsubishi Shogun, BMW 530D) from the Roads Policing Unit, 2 met police TSG units and 3 city police public order vans including two brand new Volkeswagen Crafters. It was a total of 16 vehicles which went past in both directions within a space of 5 minutes. DE: 16x Polizeifahrzeuge im Konvoi mit Blaulicht und sirenen in London gesehen. FR: 16x véhicules de police voit en convoi à l'aide de feux bleus et sirènes à Londres. NL: 16x Politie voertuigen gezien in konvooi met behulp van blauwe lichten en sirenes in Londen.

Metropolitan Police - Special Escort Group Range Rover Vogue Escorting Vehicle
One of the SEG Range Rovers escorting a vehicle through Trafalgar Square, and yes there was a fully armed Police Officer walking towards me!! The siren you hear in the background is a DPG BMW responding to a call. This video was taken with a Panasonic TZ7.

Metropolitan Police Volvo V50 & Ford Mondeo Responding Together
Seen responding around Lambeth Roundabout, London Filmed on a Sony DCR-SR35

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