Metropolitan Police - Unmarked Volvo V50 On Emergency Call

One of the Mets unmarked vehicles on an Emergency Call through Parliament Square. This video was taken with a Panasonic TZ7.

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Metropolitan Police Volvo V50 & Ford Mondeo Responding Together
Seen responding around Lambeth Roundabout, London Filmed on a Sony DCR-SR35

Norfolk police Volvo T5 (ARV) pulls over a van
Yarmouth road, Norwich near the Broadland business park. A Norfolk Police Volvo T5 pulls out of a side road behind a van, eventually indicating for him to stop in the nearby hotel car park. The Volvo T5s are generally used as armed response vehicles by Norfolk police and the driver of the Volvo certainly appears to have pistol in the holster attached to his leg.

Metropolitan Police Escorting a British Ebola Patient to hospital
Vehicles from the Metropolitan Police Roads Policing Unit, escorting a Royal Air Force "Aeromedical Ambulance" and a Emergency Ambulance from South Central Ambulance Service into the Royal Free Hospital in northwest London. The patient being escorted is a British Healthcare worker who contracted Ebola while working in Sierra Leone. 4 additional healthcare workers also contracted Ebola, 2 of them are believed to have arrived on the same plane as the one seen being escorted in this video, the other 2 remain in Sierra Leone. The patient in this video is being treated at a special high-level isolation unit at the Royal Free Hospital. Check out Maclachlan Photography: Youtube - Twitter - Website - Visit my flickr page:

MET POLICE x3 (2x Unmarked, 1x BMW Area Car)
Three Met Police vehicles captured in Trafalgar Square, unmarked Volvo, unmarked BMW and reserve BMW 5 Series Area Car.