1968 Dodge Dart BurnOut

Doing bad burnout.

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Best Embarrassing Burnout Fails Compilation
Best Embarrassing Burnout Fails Compilation stupid drivers!! Burnouts are usually done in crowds, where people can cheer on how powerful your car is. But what happens when the burnout fails in front of everyone?! The result is pretty embarrassing, Check out these top burnout fails compilation!

1968 1000hp Hemi Roadrunner Burnout "Rat Poison" GODFATHER Racing MORE HEMI'S
Dawg House 2011 Car Show GODFATHER'S "Rat Poison" 1968 1000 h.p. Hemi Roadrunner Start-up, Idle and Burnout. Godfather's 68 Roadrunner trunk lid was sighed by Big Daddy Don Garlits in 2009 and The Evil Twin and Rat Poison trunk lid where sighed by Jack Smith Rick's "The Evil Twin" 1968 426 Hemi Roadrunner was there Chris stopped by with his 1965 Dodge 426 Hemi Coronet Some clips and photos Direct Link to GODFATHERS RACING website http://godfatherracing.net/ Plymouth Roadrunner Best Hemi Burnout video on youtube

68 Dodge Dart Turbo 318 Burnout Mopar
318, PT67, stock converter, stock heads, RV cam... Peddled to the win, dialed 12.01, car was in 11.70 trim that day...

Blown Dodge Dart Burnouts
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Fileerausvideos Related Videos: Best BURNOUTS and ACCELERATIONS of 2014 ! - http://youtu.be/0PJoZoblZNI Supercharged 1965 Ford Mustang! Burnouts and revving! - http://youtu.be/U-9oe73LOTI Big Block 1978 Chevy Malibu BURNOUT compilation! - http://youtu.be/NPaEGBYbaTA All the clips of this car are filmed at just 1 car meet / cruising night.