1999 Honda Accord V6 0-75mph

just havin a little fun with my all stock V6 99 honda accord.

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99 accord v6 launch to 90
flat, at a red light launch

Turbo Accord V6 Startup
(Car is for Sale $6500) This video is for the people that dont belive I have a turbo in my v6 accord.

2000 Honda Accord w/ Short Ram Air Intake
This is my 2000 Accord 4 cyl. w/ a Short Ram Air Intake. Enjoy

1999 Honda Accord V6 Irregular acceleration
irregular acceleration. The gas peddle is being held in one potion, starts at about 3000 rpms. If i shut it off and restart it will run fine for approximately 2 minutes then starts acting up. I have cleaned the Idler Air Control Valve. Check the main relay and all the solder looks good. Took it to a local shop and they could not find the problem. NEED HELP!