1999 Honda Accord V6 0-75mph

just havin a little fun with my all stock V6 99 honda accord.

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99 accord v6 launch to 90
flat, at a red light launch

2000 Honda Accord w/ Short Ram Air Intake
This is my 2000 Accord 4 cyl. w/ a Short Ram Air Intake. Enjoy

1999 Honda Accord V6 Irregular acceleration
irregular acceleration. The gas peddle is being held in one potion, starts at about 3000 rpms. If i shut it off and restart it will run fine for approximately 2 minutes then starts acting up. I have cleaned the Idler Air Control Valve. Check the main relay and all the solder looks good. Took it to a local shop and they could not find the problem. NEED HELP!

1999 Honda Accord Coupe LX-V6 | Temp guage or what?
26 AUG 2014 update: As suspected, it was in fact the instrument panel. After researching most options, I decided to allow Honda to order and install a new panel. The part was $400.00 and the labor was $130.00. Alternatively, you can buy a new or used panel and install it yourself. Some are still asking about this. More often than not, as previously stated, it's your instrument panel. You either have to have it re-soldered or buy a new or salvaged one. I'm up to 325K miles and my Accord is still running strong on the original engine and transmission. Japanese tech is amazing :O)