Wave pool at Mandalay bay las vegas

This was probably the best pool I went to in Vegas. It was the closest thing to a beach with the sand, waves and ish

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Mandalay Bay wave pool
Asher gets knocked over by a wave.

Demon roller coaster great America first person view ROGER
Me riding the demon in October of 2011 at great America

Chicago blizzard Polak driving
February 2, 2011 blizzard driving on 294 north near Chicago. I'm in my vtec 5 speed Honda civic

Q101 Rocket Run 2009 Stunters
2009 rocket run june 7, 2009 this is the star boyz stunnters up at chicago cycle, then some video of other bikes. iphone video so quality is ok buell stunter drops at 4:37 buell stunter does a mad burnoutand pops tire at 5:25