Methanol injection testing drag racing cordia

Im testing the methanol injection system on my 1.8 gsr, befor putting it in my 13 second cordia. Which it will be Nitrous and metho injected the same time soon.

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Proof that Skyline's arnt that quick
To show that r32 skylines arnt quick. I went on a freezing cold 9 degree night to the WSID to see if there was any Nissan skylines racing, well what do you know, there was plenty, seeing as thou i had my camera i decided to go to the pits picture the various skylines and also record them go past the finsih line. I did this investigation just to proove to the people out there that think that R32 skylines are the fastest cars on the road, they all say that my cordia will NEVER win against any of them, well look at thwe result. I did this just so those disbelievers can see for themselves. IM NOT saying that r32 skylines are ugly IM NOT saying that every single one of them are slow. Its just that so far with the skylines i raced i have beaten them thus far. People think that my cordia cant beat them, well if you look at the specs: R32 + 1100kg + 6cyl + 2litre GSR + 970Kgs + 4 cyl + 2 litre See the diffrence, the r32 is a big car with a 2 litre engine only or at most 2.5 litre, i still have a better weight and power advanatge. VIDEO PROOF #1 MORE WILL FOLLOW now. Songs: "oh yeah" by Yello "I'm comming out" by Diana ross "tripping" by robbie williams "King tut" by Steve martain THX surround sound test, Lucas filme tester

Inspecting my front end and rase seats
To demonstrate what i do everday

Incopotant Cordia owners
Cordia owners who know NOTHING! Dont trust anybody 100% in the cordia scene unless you know the other pople know what their doing. This messege is just a warning to others to becarefull who your dealing with. Song: Crying, waiting, hoping: Marshal Crenshaw from the la bamba sound track.