Methanol injection testing drag racing cordia

Im testing the methanol injection system on my 1.8 gsr, befor putting it in my 13 second cordia. Which it will be Nitrous and metho injected the same time soon.

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Incopotant Cordia owners
Cordia owners who know NOTHING! Dont trust anybody 100% in the cordia scene unless you know the other pople know what their doing. This messege is just a warning to others to becarefull who your dealing with. Song: Crying, waiting, hoping: Marshal Crenshaw from the la bamba sound track.

Inspecting my front end and rase seats
To demonstrate what i do everday

Water/Methanol Injection Temperature Effects - MINI Cooper S
This video is to show the effects of water/meth injection on a forced induction car, the example in this case is a 2006 MINI Cooper S. The specs are as follows: • Supercharger (stock Eaton M45) with 15% reduction pulley [approx. 15.5 lbs Boost] • Custom Tuned • AquaMist HFS-3 System with a 90% Methanol / 10% Water Mixture Car is tuned to run 93 octane fuel and IS tuned for the W/M .

Hi-flown TC-06 turbo check
A hi flown Tc06 turbo not Boosting. NOTE: This turbo was never used on my cordias. I was given this turbo to check it over to why there was no Boost etc.