Blown '05 Mustang vs Grand National - Street Race

Blown '05 Mustang vs Grand National

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Chicago Street Racing
Pontiac Trans Am.......FAST!!! Cops broke up the party so the camera man panicked!!!!!!!!!!..........To be continued in Ghost Town. Street racing at it's finest.

Cervini 'Stang vs. 66mm Grand National Dig Race
Cervini 'Stang with Saleen Blower takes on a 66mm turbo GN heads up!

Buick Grand National wrecks in Street Race!
it was rumored that the GN's axle broke.. really makes you think.

GN vs. GT500
I ran a GT500, he wasnt talking to anyone, just acting like his GT500 was a Ford GT or something. He did a really weird burnout and I let him get the jump. I guess he liked his rims to much to get a stickier tire because all he did was spin. It wasnt even a race, his time ended up being 21.41 seconds in the quarter.