a doughnut in my l and a ride in my88 saleen

test and tune on the street 88 saleen

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California High Speed Police Chase Saleen Mustang 120+ MPH (KNBC)
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Saleen Mustang Cam - Header Idle
My 2002 Supercharged Saleen Mustang at idle. Mods: Vortech V3 Si-Trim Polished Supercharger, Anderson F42 Blower cams, 4" AMS Powerpipe, Devil's Own Meth Injection, Diablo MAFia, SCT Chip, NGK Plugs, Mototron 60 lb injectors, SVT Fuel Pump, Bassani Headers & Off-Road X, Stock Saleen Borla cat-back Exhaust. 460 rwhp / 411 rwtq @12 psi.

1988 saleen mustang
my best friends fathers 1988 saleen Mustang. the last ride before they put it up for the winter.

srt4 coyote foxbody saleen c6 vette