a doughnut in my l and a ride in my88 saleen

test and tune on the street 88 saleen

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2003 Saleen Mustang S281 (Camera Jib test)
Well this is just a short clip of my newly acquired Saleen Mustang and my prototype Camera Jib that we have mounted in the back of a buddies truck. Well the design was a failure in the since it has WAy too much wobble and shake. But with a little stabilizing its no so bad i suppose. Look forward to an update once i can build a better mount.

1996 Saleen S351 Speedster Walkaround and Road Test
Quick Walkaround and Road Test of RB Collection's 1996 Saleen S351 Speedster. Please pardon the noise, my camera mount was loose and rattly.

1988 saleen mustang
my best friends fathers 1988 saleen Mustang. the last ride before they put it up for the winter.

2015 NUMOA Spring Breakout Starring The Saleen 302 Black Label Burnout
2015 NUMOA Spring Breakout Staring The Saleen 302 Black Label Burnout