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M54B30 Adventures


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Non-Traction Racing - 635 CSI Pro Touring - S54 turbo
Only Boosting 1 bar, moves good though.

BMW E46 330i M54B30 stock exhaust sound
2003 BMW E46 330i M54B30 stock Exhaust sound

In Car Naturally Aspirated Run

August 29 330Ci Drag Racing

BMW E30 M3 with fully tuned S54 engine
cams, connecting rods, injectors, direct intake, A-tune, etc.

MOROSO CRANKCASE EVACUATION - I put it to the test!!
For fuel injected cars, always insert it after the Cat And after the downstream o2 sensor...Moroso crankcase evacuation kit testing and how it works..You can also put a guage where the breather goes to measure blowby ....this can also clean up any leaks on the intake or valvecovers .. Mighty Car Mods yellowbullet yellowbullet.com murder nova pimp juice

WON Pro Series Drag Testing
Wizards of Nitrous Pro Series Drag strip testing. 1rst Gear: + 65 hp 2nd Gear: + 110 hp 3rd Gear: + 140 hp 4th Gear: + 165 hp 5th Gear: + 165 hp

E30 drift m54 (2)
My Black BMW E30 (M54 Engine) FV-83

BMW M54b30 jmb engine.avi
BMW e36 with M54b30 engine running in the Swedish BMW Cup, class special. JMB Optimering will maintain this car during season 2011 Engine built by JMB Optimering.


BMW e46 325ti M54B25 - Agresywna jazda / Aggressive driving
Problem częściowo rozwiązany / Problem partially solved: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNTA5jpznlI Testy reakcji na gaz / Throttle response tests: 1.06 - Porównanie reakcji na gaz / Comparing throttle response 1.55 - Reakcja na gaz na wolnych obrotach / Throttle response at idle 2.25 - Reakcja na gaz na postoju / Throttle response at a standstill 3.27 - Międzygaz jest nieprzewidywalny / Rev-matching is unpredictable 3.57 - Dzwna reakcja na gaz / Odd Throttle response Wątek na forum / Forum thread http://www.bmw-klub.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=69&t=115900&sid=74b47059d467dc 92a4682179a4927937&start=240

BMW e46 M54B25 Reakcja bez czujnika sprzegla / Throttle response without clutch switch
M54 Reakcja na gaz bez opóźnienia!!! M54 Throttle response without delay!!! Odkryłem, że bez czujnika sprzęgła silnik reaguje na gaz błyskawicznie! Czyli za opóźnienie odpowiedzialny jest w całości DME, który sztucznie "wygładza" pracę silnika a nie zwłoka Drive-by-wire. I discovered that without a clutch switch engine reacts to the gas instantly! So, responsible for the delay is DME, which artificially "smoothes" the engine and not the Drive-by-wire.

BMW 330(e46) Тест-драйв.Anton Avtoman.
http://vk.com/antonavtoman Добавляйтесь в друзья!) http://www.facebook.com/anton.vorotnikov Я в Инстаграме http://instagram.com/antonvorotnikov

M54B30 Engine Break In
0 hr M54B30 break-in on Dyno after rebuild: - Stock M54B30 Intake - Ported Head - Upgraded valves/springs - Schrick 264/248 Camshafts - Electric water pump - Custom ATI Damper - Baffled pan / oil pump upgrade / Inline oil filter / Oil cooler / Accusump / 12 quarts Oil - Custom Billet oil squirters - Coated Bearings - Arrow Rods (Steel) - CP 11:1 Forged Pistons - Kromer Kraft Headers and 3.5" Exhaust - Custom DME Software (7600 RPM)

BMW Misfire/ Rough Idle M54 6 Cylinder Low Compression
Does your M54 BMW engine have a misfire/ low compression ? Don't be quick to replace the engine. Please try this first before that is done. Could save you $1000's !!! Q: How do I get the cleaner out? A: Put a rag over the spark plug hole (with the plug out) and crank the engine a few times. You may also want to blow out the cylinder with compressed air before you put the plug back in.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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