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Mercedes Benz S63 AMG VS Rolls-Royce Ghost VS BMW 760Li G12 VS Porsche Panamera Turbo 971
Mercedes Benz S63 AMG W222 VS Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II VS BMW 760Li G12 VS Porsche Panamera turbo 971.

Gol Turbo brincando com BMW M5
SUPORTE DA CAMERA TAVA SOLTO Só uma brincada, Eu NÃO REDUZI nenhuma marcha, foi td de 5° Gol motor 1.9 cabeçote original comando 49g sem Intercooler

R.I.P.: In honor of Giorgi Tevzadze ( M5 e34 Georgian Street-Drifter )
EDIT 2 : R.I.P Paul Walker, who also died on the passenger seat unfortunately. We will miss you EDIT: Gio´s son was born a couple days ago. Hopefully, he will grow up well, however, without his father :( Giorgi Tevzadze died in a car accident. He was sitting in the passenger seat of the BMW M5 when the car lost control and hit a tree with the right side. He was a illegal, famous street drifter/racer, however, he deserves respect. Dont call him bad names, he was a good guy who never hurt anyone. I made this movie because I think that he deserves to be remembered due to his unbelievable driving. I am still really upset about the knowledge of his death. RIP GIO SONG NAME: Kontrafakt-Pockaj tam na nas hore

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