GT5 - 3000 BHP Civic ?

An educational review of the "Civic From Hell." Some say its a hybrid, while others say it's a glitch or a hack. All I know is - I've been sent one!... and I'm here to share it with you all to see what the fuss is all about!

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GT5 - 100,000 HP RedBull !?
An educational review of the RED BULL from HELL! *If this video gets more than 300 likes:- I'll get this car on share for all to borrow for free until the end of time - or until it gets patched!* Note:- you must be a subscriber to be picked! Yes - that's right. 100,000 horsepower. As the hybrid cars continue - the latest car to be reviewed is the already insane Red Bull race car. This car is literally quicker than the speed of sound. World Record Max Speed run? 920+ MPH = 1,470 kph! These cars are rare. Some may have seen them, most would have not, and only very few would have had the chance to test one out. This car hasn't been sent from hell - IT IS HELL. Enjoy the review.

GT5 - Nissan GT-R from the Heavens!
As the Devil sent up the Civic. God sent down the GT-R. lol. The Latest Edition to my Hyper Hybrid Car Line up. I will be giving this car away as part of a brand new Giveaway. Open to subscribers who "like" the video - just leave your PSN id in the comments and someone will be chosen soon. Later, if and when the video passes 666 likes - I'll share it for 100 more subscribers to borrow via a brand new psn account I will create at some point. Hope you enjoy the video and big thanks to those who helped out. :)

Gran Turismo 5 : Cars Hacked
Salut a tous ! Une nouvelle vidéo cette fois ci sur gran turismo 5 avec mes voitures hack Bonne vidéo !

GT5 - Vette ZR1 from Hell!
The Devil is Pissed at Godzilla so sent in an all American Hero. The near 9000 HP Vette ZR1! Can we get 500 likes? Ofcourse this is up for share to 100, the weekend following the Giveaway results coming this weekend. Enjoy he video - I am an astronaut! Royalty Free Music -