GT5 - 3000 BHP Civic ?

An educational review of the "Civic From Hell." Some say its a hybrid, while others say it's a glitch or a hack. All I know is - I've been sent one!... and I'm here to share it with you all to see what the fuss is all about!

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RFOM: Legacy Montage
End of a generation of gaming. Resistance: Fall of Man - Nov 2006 - March 2014. This is largely a re-upload of my previous R:FoM montage from 2011, with one or two clips added in. I took the last one down due to copyrighted music. I figure now's the time to re-upload it with new music due to the permanent server close tomorrow. This one features music from Secession Studios. This video is non profit and not monetized. I do have a paid-license for YouTube monetization from this composer however this video is non profit and not monetized. ***NOTE TO ALL SUBSCRIBERS*** Thank you for staying with me thus far and thank you and welcome to the 1,000+ new subscribers who have subscribed since my LAST video. Sorry I haven't been active to upload GT6 videos. I played RFOM since it's launch, on and off until 2011/12. I returned to it in January after it was announced it would close permanently on March 28th. Now that it's over - the only game I have any interest coming back to, is of course, GT6. So rest assured, it will have my focus and attention from next week onwards. :-) Thanks for your patience!

Real recognise Real - Inspirational Vlog 9
It's 4am only one thing to do and that's to speak to the World. Hi my name Michael and tonight i embark on a adventure, welcome to Episode 9.

Black Ops 2 - Kill Confirmed 45-3 Commentary
A quick upload by RedDarkness- just to talk to you guys and let you know what's up. This is a close KC in Meltdown. Hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for more!

1/4 mile drag races - Crail Raceway
My first time at the strip, up against various different cars! BMW F30 335d M-Sport X-drive 1/4 mile drag race Drag racing Msport xdrive at crail Raceway