Icy Slides in Surry County NC

Big Rig gets away from driver on an ICY ROAD almost hitting cameraman. In the aftermath of a winter storm that glazed roads over with slick sheets of ice many drivers were caught sliding, unable to control their vehicles.

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HD Cars Slide Down Icy Hill - Charleston, WV
Cars, trucks and SUVs slide down a very slick snow-covered hill in Charleston, West Virginia. Learn more about the icy road hazard at http://icyroadsafety.com. Copyright Dan Robinson. For footage inquiries, call 618-920-0811.

Cars Slide Down City Streets
KCCI's Keri Gavin reports.

Black Ice Road in Arkansas1 27 2009
The temp dropped as I topped the hill and I ran onto black ice. Only going 5 mph when I slid off the road

Killer Ice Sends Travelers Scrambling
Falling icicles and slippery roads challenge pedestrians and drivers alike. For more, click here: http://abcnews.go.com/US/winter-snowstorm-weather-bomb-slams-northeast/stor y?id=12596093