Top Fuel S2000 testing at Fuji Speedway for Yokohama World Time Attack

Top Fuel's first test session with Nob Taniguchi behind the wheel. 280 kmph down the straight. No sweat. Want to see it at the ADVAN Pro Class at Yokohama World Time Attack? Buy your tickets here now and save $19

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Disassembling RE-Amemiya's GT 300 3-Rotor Race Engine
One of RE-Amemiya's mechanics gives the 101 on how to break the infamous Aspara Drink GT300 FD's motor down. Courtesy of "Mr. Imai, the mechanic at RE Amemiya shows how to disassemble 3-Rotor Engine, which was used for their GT 300 machine!"

500 bhp Honda Integra Turbo K20 FWD - Driver Hannes Mahler - Winner Speed Industries Time Attack
Fast Honda Integra of - Winner of the Speed Industries Time Attack Anneau du Rhin 2012 *** RESULTS TIME ATTACK **** P1 Honda Integra turbo FWD 1 :21,532 P2 Subaru Impreza AWD 1 :23.010 P3 Mitsubishi Evo 9 CDT 1 :23.089 P6 Subaru Impreza GT P7 Porsche 911 P12 Corvette Z06 P16 Lotus Exige P24 BMW M3 E46 P31 Honda S2000 Wagen Details: - Motor K 20 Unterbau - GT 30 turbo mit ext. Weastgate - HKS Popoff Ventil - bearbeiteter Zylinderkopf - Full Race Krümmer, Kühler - Getriebe K 20 mit Lamellensperre - Twin Clutch Kupplung - Kühlsysteme: Ladeluftkühlung, Wasserkühlung Motor, Getriebeölkühlung , Motorenölkühlung, Benzinkühlung . - Abgasanlage 3 Zoll mit Rennkat. - Eigenbau - Motorenumbau by Roman Kaps - Ecu ( A ) - Carrosserie Karbon / Kevlar, Made by Marco Zoa - Unterboden Karbon / Kevlar , Made by Marco Zoa - Aerodynamikpaket Karbon / Kevlar , Made by Marco Zoa - Radaufhängungen komplett Unibal gelagert , Made by Marco Zoa - Sturz - Spur Verstellungen von K - Sportracing - Fahrwerk : KW - Clubsport - Low + High Speed - Bremsanlage vo. + hi. K - Sportracing - Räder : 10 x 18 von OZ - Bereifung : 285 / 30 / 18 - Dunlop Direzza 03G - Lehrgewicht vollgetankt : ca. 1100 KG

2014.12.21 Tsukuba Time Attack NA Class - 筑波最速戦
The NA Class from the Attack -Maximum Challenge- event at Tsukuba Circuit in December 2014. Unfortunately, course conditions were far from ideal with the rain that had fallen the day before. However, some had managed to hit the elusive 59's and gained rights to advance to the Tsukuba Championship Time Attack to be held in February 2015. The Tsukuba Championship Time Attack will feature the top finishers from the February 2014 time attack and this event to decide once and for all the fastest time attack car in Japan! Stay tuned to ShuBoxInc! Click here for scenes from February 2014. Super Lap: NA Class: Final lap times for cars that didn't run the Super Lap session in this video: Kuni S30Z: 1'00.492 Arvou Kant S2000: 1'00.601 Arvou Kuman S2000: 1'00.615 Z4M: 1'00.968 Tousou DC5: 1'01.433 Freedom Roadster: 1'02.054

TOPFUEL S2000RR 鈴鹿コースレコード映像
トップフューエルS2000RRによる、鈴鹿サーキットでのチ ーニングカーコースレコードを記録した際の車載映像 す。 アタック日は2014年5月25日。 天気は晴れ。 タイヤはADVAN A050 D1グランプリ後のスーパーラップ枠での走行でした。 タイムは2分2秒865です。 富士スピードウェイでのコースレコードに続き、2冠と りました!