Audi S1 Quattro Rally Car with Stig Blomqvist at Race of Champions's John Hindhaugh on the Audi S1 Quattro Group B rally car -- as World Rally champ Stig Blomqvist takes it around the ROC track. The S1's a fixture at ROC via its Group B connection to Race of Champions organizer and rally legend Michèle Mouton.

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Group B Worship: Ford RS200 and Audi Sport Quattro - /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS
To enter Group B in the 1980s, car makers had to build 200 road-going examples of the car they intended to rally. These rules created some of the most spectacular road cars of all time. I love rallying: the chance to drive an RS200 and a Sport Quattro nearly sent me to the nut-house. Fire up the Quattro! Written and presented by Chris Harris Shot and edited by David Litchfield

Prilaux's Lamborghini Crash, Kristensen's Near Miss - 2012 Race of Champions
Andy Priaulx's Lamborghini Super Trofeo smashes through the inner track wall nearly colliding with Tom Kristensen's Lambo on the outer track in Heat 11 of the 2012 Race of Champions in Bangkok, Thailand.

Race of Champions Interviews -- Favorite Cars and Most Difficult
DRIVE's JF Musial talks to the drivers of the 2012 Race of Champions about which of the ROC cars are their favorites and most difficult to drive. ·

Jamie Whincup Crash in KTM X-BOW - 2012 Race of Champions
Jamie Whincup crashes his KTM X-BOW into the outside track barrier, over a vicious bit of curbing, and through a dirt trap in Heat 11 versus Sebastien Ogier at the 2012 Race of Champions in Bangkok, Thailand.