Vipstyle Society Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

a little get together before proceeding to the Sabah Motor Fair Bonanza 10th January 2009.

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Japanese car TUNING cultures - luxury VIP style, rebellious Bosozoku & unusual Onikyan
Japan is home to numerous car and transport inventions and advancements. Japanese car manufacturers are considered to be one of the most advanced and successful nowadays, so people of this country seem to be having a great passion towards cars. It can be clearly seen by the number of thematic car meets and design trends, which have influenced Japanese tuning style as a whole. Currently experts distinguish several popular car cultures and modification styles, which originated from Japan: VIP style, Bosozoku & Onikyan or Demon Camber. The VIP style is said to have originated from design preferences of Yakuza gang members. These outlaws had a thing for luxury cars and spend a good deal of time and money improving their specs. The luxury cars & business like styling were chosen to blend with other cars and avoid detection by rival gangs and more importantly, the police. Bosozoku car & moto culture is all about teen rebellion. Teenagers, inspired by popular comic shows and TV animations, try to build not only fast cars but style them, as if a comic book hero would drive it. Onikyan or Demon Camber become a just a visual design style, after such modification was abandoned by the drifters. Many people thought that cars with negative camber would handle better around the track but such modification had more disadvantages than advantages. So some people added such feature only as a visual modification. This is just a brief review of popular car cultures in Japan. If you would like to know what auto tuning looks like in other countries, please check out this video presentation: We have briefly reviewed such styles as hot rod, sleeper, drag racer and some other cultures. Please leave your comments and ideas below. Thanks for watching!

Vipstyle Society The Extreme Nights 07 Part II - Competition
Vipstyle Society Malaysia participated to one of the biggest car competition event in Malaysia in 7th-8th Dec 2007. And won 6 trophies including car club competition, inter-car club competiton as well as individual competition. This is in the competition part in the event. For more info, visit

Exotics Inc at HIN
Quick clip showing the diversity that is put out by Exotics INC. They do some of the best paint and powdercoat on the east coast. These cars showcase some of their many talents. Air Ride and Coilover based suspension setups. NA, Supercharged (celica), and many turbo builds. From a simple daily driver, an all out performer, or a luxury VIP style, they do it all. Based out of Winston Salem, NC

Vipstyle Society Wedding Convoy
A wedding convoy video of one of the member in Vipstyle Society Malaysia (VSS) on 30th March 2008. Accompanied by members aka brothers of VSS. For more info, visit