BAVSOUND - BMW Bluetooth Operation - Pairing Process | This video will guide you through the pairing process.

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Bluetooth Pairing for the BMW 3 Series, X3, X5, Z4
Bluetooth pairing for the BMW 3 Series Coupe/Convertible, X3, X5, Z4, M3 and M Roadster.

Where to find the Bluetooth Passkey Number for a BMW #valleybmw
This video shows you where to find the Bluetooth Passkey number for pairing Bluetooth devices with your vehicle (i.e. logging them on for the first time). #valleybmw

BMW E46 330i 3 Series Bluetooth Parrot ck3000 & Connects2 CTPPAR007 Voice Dial Test
BMW E46 330i 3 Series Bluetooth Parrot ck3000 & Connects2 CTPPAR007 Installation Making a Handsfree Voice Call using the Bluetooth Parrot ck3000 & Connects2 CTPPAR007 that installs behind the dash and works like the OEM Factory Bluetooth The OEM kit displays the called ID on the radio when someone calls. You're also able to scroll through your phonebook on the car display. (that's what I've heard). The Parrot CK3000 evo / Connects2 kit allows you to use the Steering wheel controls for the following: - Answer - hangup - Adjust the volume of the Speaker phone - switch between speaker phone and cell phone - redial last number - Voice Dialing IF the Cell phone supports DATA push. (iphone doesn't suport it, but voice dial on the iphone still works. Once you dial a number on your phone, it goes straight into speaker phone) The sound comes out of your stereo when you're using speakerphone. It mutes the radio when you get a call. The Kit syncs up to your bluetooth phone each time you turn on your car. You'll hear a beep and the radio will flash "phone" to let you know it sync'd up properly. You don't need the ugly Parrot controller for anything but it needs to be plugged in order for the Parrot BT to function properly and to change the settings. Plugged in you can tuck in behind the glovebox or dash.

BAVSOUND - BMW Bluetooth Operation - Voice Dial - Phone Book - Etc | This video will cover using your BSW Bluetooth Retrofit kit