Kazama - Rodeo Drift

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kazama drift
kazama first time rodeo drifting

326Power Doriten .avi
Haruguchi's how to build good looking Super low car. His 3 demo cars drifting for Drift Tengoku video. S14 with 3D☆STAR, MT swap Q45 V8, and His famous slammed GS300 turbo. Haruguchi's drifting is sick but his car build is way out there.

Amazing Japanese Drift (JZX100 vs B324R vs AE86)
toyota jzx 100 vs b234r vs AE86..this was just a test by the 3 best drifters of japan. autors GT Channel Network, Kodansha_bombom

Drift天国 Vol.22 風間 vs 谷口
足回りの説明が初心者でもわかりやすかったのでアップ しました。 また、中級者以上の方は復習になると思います。