Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift all cars

Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift all cars created by mrówa ;)

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The Fast And The Furious - Tokyo Drift (2006) - Mustang Nismo
One of my favorite scenes from the 2006 movie 'The Fast and the Furious - Tokyo Drift' where an old rundown Mustang gets refurbished and refitted with a new Nissan engine. Also, featured in background is the music "Mustang Nismo" by Brian Tyler feat. Slash. Enjoy!!

Tuners vs Ricers, The key differences
The term rice and ricer is quite often used incorrectly This explains the differences between a real tuner and a ricer (both car and driver), I base this off the widely accepted definition of rice and my own beliefs,to each their own, I also am aware the bit with the Civic and the Camaro was scripted Facebook: GHIF channel End song: That's Unusual by Ghost Town Best Stance/slammed cars of 2013 compilation (cars featured in video) scmdCEuw

DDC RC DRIFT MESSE STUTTGART 2012 Hobby und Elektronik Messe Stuttgart 2012 Musik: [KsTBeats] Dark Dust - So Done (Remix) xKore - Everybody Rock Just Breathe (2011) DupStep - Jr. Beatmaker Killah aka DJ TRAXEPTICON Danke an alle DDC`ler für die geile Zeit auf der Messe!

The Fast and The Furious cars
They all have something in common, they are beautiful. Which car is no1? This is my opinion..