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LEXUS LS460 Hydraulics Suspension&Paddle Shifter Produce By SKIPPER
SKIPPERのオリジナルハイドロサスペンションシステムと ドルシフターを装着した「レクサスLS460」の紹介ムービ ーです。SKIPPERオリジナルハイドロサスペンションシス ムやパドルシフターの詳細についてはSKIPPER公式ウェブ イトをご覧ください。URLはこちら⇒ http://www.skipper.co.jp/


Lexus LS460 On 22's Staggered
Lexani rims... Follow me on instagram: dopebwoyx3 & redman460 ... My car page is: dopewhipsx3

RX8 Drift Crash H2Oi 2013
If you didn't see it at the Outcast meet here it is. Sorry to that guy who was driving though. That sucks.

全世界初!! LEXUS LS 460がサーキット場でドリフトを試み ROTREXのスーパーチャージャー・車高調・2wayLSD搭載し LS460のドリフトに成功!!

LEXUS LS460 Version SZ Bodykits&Lowenhart wheels etc... Pro by, SKIPPER
SKIPPERのデモカー「レクサス LS460 Version SZ」の紹介ムービーです。オリジナルエアロパーツを始 、車高調、ブリンカーⅡ、デュアルテールユニット等 SKIPPERオリジナルパーツを満載に装着しております。ホ イールはご存じLowenhart LF1 Matte Noir 22インチを装着。タイヤはNITTO TIRES iNVOになります。詳しくはSKIPPER公式ウェブサイトまで!! http://www.skipper.co.jp/ Special thanks※順不同 ㈱レーベンハート http://www.lowenhart.co.jp/ ニットージャパン㈱ http://www.nittotire.co.jp/ ㈲瀬谷タイヤ紹介 http://www.seyatire.com/

Messe Nürnberg Überblick www.grossmodelle.de
Team Losi, HPI Formula, Tamiya, ARX Racing,

2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S600 - Exterior and Interior Walkaround - Debut at 2014 Detroit Auto Show
Welcome to AutoMotoTube!!! On our channel we upload every day short, (2-5min) walkaround videos of Cars and Motorcycles. Our coverage is from Auto and Moto shows in North America and Europe - We visit different shows: Big, like Frankfurt, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles or Paris Auto Show, to small regional, Classic Car, RV and Boat Shows. We have thousands of High Definition videos of different types of vehicles, everything from new, concept cars, super cars, classic, vintage, old cars, hot rods, motorbikes, recreational vehicles, motor boats, sailing yachts, to airplanes, bicycles, and even tractors :-) In most of our videos, we take a look at the exterior design and interior arrangements of the vehicle, so you can receive a general idea and appreciation of a certain brand or model. We really appreciate all your comments and critics - they help a lot, in building one of the most diversified Auto & Vehicles Channel on YouTube!!! P.S: To find a video of a certain model in our channel, just write the brand and model name in the search bar above, or have a look in our playlists. You can find us on our official facebook, twitter and google+ pages: http://www.facebook.com/automototube http://www.twitter.com/automototube http://plus.google.com/113313843581025899562 , or if you have chance, check out our web site: http://www.automototube.net - there we have our videos, some pictures and wallpapers, organized and all the vehicles easy to find. Subscription link for our Channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=automototube Thanks for watching and stay tuned!!! A lot more to come...

Lexus LS 460 drifting sick
Do not try at home


The DRIFTER - Tamiya TRF415 MS
Here it is! My new drifter. Here is some pictures:D

Lexus LS460 on 22" Vossen VVS-CV3
Vossen VVS-CV3 F: 22x9 / R: 22x10.5 Silver

LEXUS vs AUDI vs BMW vs Mercedes-Benz S550
LEXUS LS460 vs AUDI A8 vs BMW 740 vs Mercedes-Benz S550

LEXUS LS460 Exhaust system Variable Sound - Produce By SKIPPER
SKIPPERオリジナルエキゾースト(マフラー)可変バルブシス テム「ヴァリアブルサウンドシステム(VSS)」を搭載した クサスLS460の紹介ムービーです。 こちらは、可変バルブを閉じている状態のムービーです 。 SKIPPERの公式ウェブサイトはこちら⇒http://www.skipper.co.jp/

Lexus LS600hL Hybrid AWD Overview
The Basic Overview: 438 hp V8 Engine, 5 seconds from 0 to 60 mph, 5050 lbs dead weight or 5200 lbs with full tank of 91 Octane gasoline , 19 inch Wheels with 245/45R19 tires, Adaptive Headlights, Self closing doors and trunk, 22 gallons of gas, 20 city / 22 highway MPG (miles per gallon). Hybrids are known for increasing fuel efficiency in cars. So I did a REAL life test on real California roads. EPA's 20 city 22 highway estimate are way off the scale. In the real world, I got 550 miles or 880 km cruise range at 70-72 MPH or 115 kph average speed on cruise control. So I decided to make things more interesting and see just how fuel efficient is the LS600hL if driving slower. LOL. So the car drove 650 miles or 1050 km total on fuel tank of gas at 60-62 MPH or 100 kph on cruise control averaging 31.5 to 33 MPG on the highway. To make things fair, I drove the car nonstop. Its very hard to imagine this is a nearly 440lbs car that weighs over 5200lbs with AWD averaging as much as cars with nearly half its power. I bet if I drive the slowest speed on the highway at 55 MPH (88 kph) this car can go 700 miles or over 1100 km. I also did a test for fun at 80 MPH or 130 kph on the interstate 5 highway and averaged 450 miles. That is absolutely amazing fuel efficiency for this tank weighing limo! Some Unique Features on this LS600hL that you don't see from other marquee brands: Hybrid Battery, Self Parking Feature, 8 speed automatic transmission, the best long term reliability than any other automotive brand in the last 20 years and counting. Of course the LS600hL also comes with far better fuel efficiency, far quieter driving operation, DVD entertainment system, rear remote control that controls the car's gadgets from the rear seat, reclining rear seats, rear windows shade, 4 zone climate control, refrigerator in the back seat, radar guided cruise control where the car slows down if it detects a slow moving car in front of you and so much more. The ONLY car that is more impressive to me in this segment is the S65 AMG just because of that V12 Biturbo. But this car cost nearly half as much, offers far better reliability, actually quieter to drive and comes with better gadgets to keep me entertained in the rear seats not to mention better fuel economy. And Lexus for the first time actually feels like a premium luxury brand and not just a big Toyota. This is basically a Japanese Mercedes-Benz with its own unique sets of toys. Toyota is closing the gap on Mercedes at a alarming rate. In 22 years, Lexus is already getting very close to dethrone Mercedes as the #1 selling premium luxury brand despite Mercedes having over 40 years experience making the S-Class. The ONLY missing factor in Lexus is the performance Boost. Toyota already coming out with the LS-F TMG to rival S65 AMG. To dethrone marquee brands with decades more experience in the luxury business (such as Cadillac, Lincoln, BMW, Audi) is impressive enough but to get close to dethrone the KING in global sales is shocking. The LS600hL is what finally made me a hardcore Toyota fan. However, being a loyal Benz fan, AMG Benz is still my #1 choice. LS600hL is very close second, then the Skyline GTR! :D If you got any specific question in regards to what you want me to do with the LS600hL, let me know and upload the video of it on Youtube if the request sounds reasonable. And NO, the car is not for sale. I got it at a very deep dealer discount just like any car that I buy. Yes, I got a California Dealer License. Stay tuned for the S65 AMG coming soon. And oh yeah, I want to upload the R35 GTR once I deal with some GM fanboys. They know who they are. LOL

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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