Vincent Rapide Motorcycle Engine Clean Up. Vapour Blast

Aqua Vapour Blasting a Vincent Rapide Motorcycle Engine. See the total transformation with actual footage of Vapour Blasing in progress.

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Bead blasting vs Vapor blasting
I'm trying to get to 500 subscribers by the end of 2016, so if you liked my video, consider subbing. Thanks! If you need quality vapor blasting, go to my website, and contact me for a quote. This video shows shows one example I had come through the shop recently, and of what you might expect from a bead blasting job versus a vapor blasting on the same cast aluminum part. The bead blasting was done by a customer before it was sent to me, so I do not know what mesh size glass beads were used, nor do I know what nozzle sizes, or pressures were used. This shouldn't be taken as a representation of all bead blasted finishes. Some are similar, while some I've seen are brighter. Finishes vary depending on desired outcomes, materials, and operator experience. Vapor blasting can bring out the beauty in many metals, including, aluminum, steel, and brass. . Btw, if you liked the video, please give it a thumbs up. Comment, and subscribe, too. Thanks!!!

How To Clean and Polish Aluminum and Alloy Metal Engine Polishing on Café Racers or hot rods
Get your Ichiban Tee ! Here is a "how to" on aluminum and alloy metal engine polishing using simple household items and your drill. I'm going to polish my entire café racer custom motorcycle engine! Awesome process for your garage builds and hot rod ! Send me stuff ! Yes- I actually do send stickers out to those who contribute bits, parts, stuff for my projects and pretty much everyone who I talk about or thank in my videos. If you want to send me bike stuff, things for potential use in videos or tools to review etc. (or even just cash donations ! ) mail them to me: Ichiban Moto PO Box 1362 Highland Park, IL 60035 USA Yes- you can just buy Ichiban Moto stickers - they are on ebay. If you don't have ebay/ paypal, you may mail me a minimum donation of $1 per sticker- along with your self addressed and stamped envelope. Stickers and donations are how I fund this fun !

Remove Any Paint In 5 min
Check out some of my favorite products here! No Extreme Foul Language! Foul Language Comments Will Be Deleted. 5min paint remover,paint stripper. Help Support My Channel: NTLR5E6 Visit me at: Facebook: Google+: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Mechanic: Free Automotive Help (NTHEFASTLANE)" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Honda Chopper Project Video #24 ENGINE DE-GREASING
Our first attempt at cleaning the 17 years of grime from the Red Baron's Engine. Only 2 hours into what you see in this video and it's looking good already. Remember the idea is to keep it's aged look but remove all the grime and dirt... PETINA is EVERYTHING ! - Enjoy -Rob & Hank