Vincent Rapide Motorcycle Engine Clean Up. Vapour Blast

Aqua Vapour Blasting a Vincent Rapide Motorcycle Engine. See the total transformation with actual footage of Vapour Blasing in progress.

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Bead blasting vs Vapor blasting
If you need quality vapor blasting, go to my website, and contact me for a quote. This video shows shows one example I had come through the shop recently, and of what you might expect from a bead blasting job versus a vapor blasting on the same cast aluminum part. The bead blasting was done by a customer before it was sent to me, so I do not know what mesh size glass beads were used, nor do I know what nozzle sizes, or pressures were used. This shouldn't be taken as a representation of all bead blasted finishes. Some are similar, while some I've seen are brighter. Finishes vary depending on desired outcomes, materials, and operator experience. Vapor blasting can bring out the beauty in many metals, including, aluminum, steel, and brass. . Btw, if you liked the video, please give it a thumbs up. Comment, and subscribe, too. Thanks!!!

Polishing a motorcycle engine requires a few special tools,a labor of love,and very little else.Almost everything you need is low cost and available from HARBOR FREIGHT.Once polished a minimum of maintainance will keep it looking great for a long time.ENJOY AND SHARE,Windy.

How to Paint a Motorcycle Engine Cover
This video shows how to paint a motorcycle engine cover from stripping the old paint to applying the finishing touches.

$15 DIY Soda Blaster
After watching pete from south west rod and customs he was explaining VW Steve had built a sodablaster himself at home. So i went on the lookout for this magical device. And from the pictures and short forum posts this is what i came up with. It works well, but does need improvement, and on top of that you cant reuse the baking soda once is been fired. 1KG could most probably happily do the the out side of a carbie. I'm always open to questions and suggestions.