HONDA NEW FIT 3 HYBRID TEST DRIVE interior & exterior

本田(ホンダ)の新型フィットに試乗した 1.5Lアトキンソンサイクル DCT

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最新車 HONDA 新型フィット3 HYBRID  カラフルな色ビビッドスカイブルー ディーラー4店舗目①
9/5 ホンダ FIT3が正式発表の為 Honda Carsに寄ってみました、4店舗目です HYBRID Lパッケージ ビビッドスカイブル が有りエンジンをかけてみました この色は目立ちますね!

2013 New HONDA FIT HYBRID - Exterior & Interior
In today's video is 2013 New HONDA FIT HYBRID. I'll introduce the exterior and interior. Please enjoy!! Thank you!! ©201-2016 Driver's High Channel, All Rights Reserved.

新型 フィット ハイブリッド

2015 Honda Fit Hybrid Animation and Drive Modes
Honda said it will be revealing its all-new 2015 Fit at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit this coming January. Possible Single Motor Hybrid For North America In was at the LA Auto Show Press Days in November of 2012 when Honda announced that their future hybrid strategy was going to be based on three very different designs for small, midsize and larger vehicles. The strategy Honda employed is called Sport Hybrid and includes a one-, two- and three-motor systems. The one-motor Sport Hybrid Intelligent Dual Clutch Drive is designed for smaller vehicles utilizing a high-output motor, Li-Ion traction battery, and an atkinsonized 1.5L I4 mated to a 7-speed dual clutch transmission (DCT). The system is optimized for use in smaller vehicles like the Honda Fit. The two motor systems worked out fantastically in the Accord HEV and PHEV that provided class leading fuel economy (Prius levels at low speeds and only topped by the turbo diesel equipped Passat TDI at higher speeds). The three motor systems adds a rear wheel electric motor setup for more precise AWD handling capabilities...