Volkswagen Golf R DSG vs Renault Megane RS Volkswagen Golf R DSG vs Renault Megane RS

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Golf 7 gti vs Megane RS 2013
Golf 7 GTI vs Renault Megane Rs . - Izzy , Yousuf, kenzo

Golf R vs R32 (Part 1)
MKIV R32 vs MKVI Golf R, roll on from 20 to about 120-ish starting in 2nd gear. R32 is VF Engineering Supercharged Stage 1, the R is APR Stage 1. The R is the camera car for this run.

Golf 7R vs Megane RS Trophy-R on circuit de Clastres
Golf 7R with VW Racing BBK and VW Racing Wheels Driving with ESC OFF

Superchips Renaultsport Megane vs Ford Focus RS - Auto Express
Full review: tsport_mgane_video.html#ixzz1HbYQTomh Extra performance doesn't come cheap -- well not usually anyway. But for £445, Renaultsport Megane 250 owners can get their cars' computer reprogrammed by Superchips to Boost power from 247bhp to around 300bhp. So what is the effect on performance? To find out we raced a Superchips-tuned Mégane against the standard Renaultsport Mégane 250 over a standing quarter mile sprint. And then compared the two in a fourth-gear rollon from 50mph for good measure.