Crazy Motorsport Moments 2012

There were many crazy, funny, or outrageous moments in the 2012 motorsports season. This is the first in a multi-video series of footage collected from the 2012 season. All videos belong to their respected owners. Thank you Telstra BigPond, now don't take my video down please.

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Crazy and Random Motorsport Moments
Haven't uploaded anything in a long time so I though I'd put together this video of some clips I've amassed of the last few years.

Crazy Motorsport Moments 2012 part 2
And here is part 2 of my crazy motorsport moments series. Part 3 should be up soon!

WTF Moments in Formula One
And they say Formula One is unexciting. Footage is owned by: Formula One Group, Network Ten, BBC Sport, Sky News and Power Sports International. Footage was originally uploaded by: TheRealYeahYoureCool, F1RacingFans, Vandit, BroadbandTVMotor, KillMyTime, sports chanel and Dysnomia1986.

CRAZY Motorsport SAVE Compilation!
The best Saves, Slides and On The Limits. Pure Sound and Live! Thanks to: seanedwards000: PSRacingChampions: Gary Hill: Dino Zamparelli: FIAWEC: Horia Gheorghe Music at the end: The Offspring - Hit That Please Rate Comment and Subscribe! Follow Me on: YouTube: Facebook: Video edit: Sony Vegas Pro 150 Copyright ©: SuperMirco1998© Mr. M©