gas 2jz supra 1211hp final battle

gas 2jz supra 1211hp final battle

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1851HP 2JZ - RS1600 Engine Development - Real Street
An advanced engine program requires more than just bolting parts together. It takes time, effort, funding, research and development, and lots and lots and lots of testing. Real Street Performance has been working with Manley Performance to create Pistons and Rods that can be used by the masses to make big power without negative compromises. This test puts our RS1600 engine to the test. Music: Kayoh & Nick Noel - "Cook It Up"

2JZ Supra - Dyno at Sydney Auto Salon
getting close to 1000hp

2JZ powered R32 GTR 4wd +800hp - One in the world (1)
Probably the only Skyline in the world that has the 2jz engine from the Supra built in to the Skylines 4wd drivetrain. Its built by OTTO SHOP in Bangkok Thailand. A well known local tuner of high performance JDM cars.

Bye Bye Supra