gas 2jz supra 1211hp final battle

gas 2jz supra 1211hp final battle

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1851HP 2JZ - RS1600 Engine Development - Real Street
An advanced engine program requires more than just bolting parts together. It takes time, effort, funding, research and development, and lots and lots and lots of testing. Real Street Performance has been working with Manley Performance to create Pistons and Rods that can be used by the masses to make big power without negative compromises. This test puts our RS1600 engine to the test. Music: Kayoh & Nick Noel - "Cook It Up"

Ferrari 458 challenges Turbo Supra on the highway!
Click here for more videos ► We were out testing the new tire setup on the Supra when we encountered a Ferrari 458 Italia in the wild! As we were getting ready to do some 2nd gear brake Boost traction testing the Ferrari did an eargasmic flyby. We caught up to him and he wanted to give it a go! knowing we were faster we gave him a good head start before reeling him in. Props to the ferrari owner for actually having some fun with his supercar!

Pre-Order FL2K DVD - GET YOUR EAR PLUGS READY! This Supra will mess you up good if you're too close when it's hitting it's anit-lag / launch control at the track. I made the mistake ONCE of sitting right by the Exhaust... both my head and my camera paid for it! Car built by

Top 10 Craziest 2JZ-GTE FAMILY 4-DOOR CARS
2JZ-Powered family cars that will take you very fast to the shopping... Credits: "2JZ Toyota Aristo Baddest Burnout" by CARTERSPORT "600hp 2JZGTE Lexus GS300 BURNOUT & Tire Destruction! [HQ]" by Hung Phan "1400whp 2JZ 6spd Lexus Roll Racing" by TalonTSi97 Videos "Anti Lag Benz 190E 2JZ Engine Swap, Link ECU, Mass Power Garage build, Tuned by Ahmad Daham, Jordan" by NMK Dyno Centre - Jordan "G35 Sedan - 2JZ Swap - 600+ WHP" by tdcautoperf "Jack's 2JZ E36 M3 Dyno - 773whp 750wtq @ 27.5psi" by Reid Dawson "Lexus GS300 2JZGTE GS 300 2JZ WOŚP Skoczów 2015" by Projekt 86 "Mercedes W201 2jz engine burnout" by Unlimited Speed "turbo 2JZ GS300 BY @JAY_GS3 MOST_VLOG_66" by Most Films "Volvo 244 2JZ by JTmedia fi" by Jape Tiitinen "Volvo 700 2JZ Swap Burnout Donut Drift" by Justyn P