Muscle Masters 2010 Part II @ the Creek. Falcon Commodore V8 Chrysler Valiant Chevrolet Racing

Muscle Masters 2010 Part II Falcons Commodores V8s Chrysler Valiants Chevys Group C Group A Racing at Eastern Creek. The muscle masters Fathers Day festival of speed.

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Triple Treat Rally - Valiant Highlights
VF and VH Valiant Hardtops smoking and drifting their way around the sprint courses and drag strip at Kwinana Motorplex during the AEM Triple Treat event 28 July 2013.

Muscle Masters 2010 HDT Torana GT Falcon Porsche Racing Cars @ E Creek
The cars and more cars at Eastern Creek Raceway for the fathers day 2010 special gathering of show cars, race cars, drivers, & a race meet as well. Many Bathurst winning racers were there & drivers also. Jim Richards hopped in & out of different race cars all day giving all a good thrash, falcon, porsche, skyline & Stephen Richards, John Bowe, John Goss, Bob Jane turned up with two Repco Formula 1 Brabham designed & raced to World F1 Championships by Sir Jack Brabham. Each worth just under a million $$. A Great Day Out.

Pissed Off Valiant
This 1969 Plymouth Valiant was built by Greening Auto Company. The engine is a 6.4 Hemi, with 8stack injection, running on a Holley Efi that was tuned by Carma Performance.

265 Hemi VH Valiant Ute G-Tech & Dyno Part 1: Before Mods
This is an old Valiant Ute I have just picked up . I have been having a little play with it and thought a few of you might like to have a look . This is pretty much me seeing what this setup is all about and setting a solid baseline of it so we can all see the difference first hand if I happen to bring out a head and cam package for sale . This Ute is pretty much the perfect candidate as it resembles a similar engine and driveline to what most people would have in their Valiants that are looking to increase their performance. Hope you enjoy it . Mopar or no car !