Audi RS3, Pagani/AMG News, BMW 3 Series Spy Shots

We've seen it testing the past year at the Nurburgring, now Audi has said it's ready to hit the market. It's the new uber sporty, RS3. Hosted by Derek DeAngelis

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Fast Lane Daily's Most Anticipated Cars of 2010 - 1/01/2010
Happy New Year! It's 2010, can you believe it!? Today we're celebrating the new year by making a list of the most anticipated cars of this new year. Hosted by Derek DeAngelis.

Inside the Porsche Museum - Stuttgart. 60 Years of Porsche in America
On a recent trip to Germany, Fast Lane Daily gets a tour of the new Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. On the tour: The Type 64, the first Porsche 356, Porsche Type 360, Ferry Porsche's first car, RS Spyder, Panamericana Concept, Porsche 959, Porsche 908, Porsche Boxster Concept, 1986 Porsche 956, Porsche 909, the Porsche 917 Pink Pig, and the 60 years of Porsche in America exhibit.

Race of Champions, Bernie in Fight, Red Bull X1 Produced, McLaren MP4-GT3 Race Car
Germany hosted this year's Nation's Cup and Race of Champions. Schumacher and Vettel win the Nation's cup and a rookie wins the Race of Champions. Red Bull builds the Gran Turismo X1 prototype in real life and McLaren is set to release a new race car based off the MP4-12C by 2012. Hosted by Derek DeAngelis.

Veritas RS3 Supercar Life - Fast Lane Daily - 06May08
A Formula One team hangs it up, a crazy looking supercar is running ther ring, and there's a moon out in the UK. And stay tuned for our next installment of Fast Lane Daily at Supercar Life. Hosted by Alex Gizela and Derek DeAngelis. Visit and vote for what you want in the show!