2001 Pontiac Grand Prix Turbo GTP - First Drag Race Day - In Car - FWD

turbo 3800 v6 FWD Our first race day with the current configuration. 15-16 psi Massive traction problems... Progess of car pictures @ http://s111.photobucket.com/user/jdredd87/library/CarDoom Edgewater

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2001 Pontiac Grand Prix Turbo GTP - FWD Drag Race - Edgewater
Best of 10.48 @ 134.36 @ Edgewater

Turbo GTP
friends 2002 gtp turbo conversion, half throttle tuned until bigger map sensor is added

lax street drags, sweet GTP and Trans Am
GTP and Trans Am at the june 11th 2010 lax street drags

Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Turbocharged - 11.06 Track Run
11.06@124.16 1.73 60' - 20lbs of Boost, 18* Timing, 0KR VERY hot out. Track was loose at the tree and then griped 10 feet out. Still not a good 60'