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19"+22"+19" SoftTH, Z1SimWheel LCD Box, G25 + MOMO Force steering wheel, GiddyUp FP1 pedal, TCR shift knob, SUS 30x30 aluminum frame cockpit 最初は使ってみましたが普段からこの車ではあまりクラッチ使いません。それにしてもヘンタイですね、しかし頂き物が多くて感謝感謝です

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Z1SimWheel LCD Box
I recommend this LCD Box for iRacers who want realistic FOV and dash. http://www.z1simwheel.com here is my 4 page of review (written in Japanese but you can see some pics) http://www.shupop.com/iracing/2011/07/05/lcd-box-z1-sim-wheel/ music: Utopia by ZEALOT (CC BY-SA) http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/43574 anyone can reuse this video

iRacing.com - Skip Barber at Lime Rock
Not much going on in this race. Finished 3rd. I've decided to start back in the beginner cars and work my way through the rankings properly this time. Before, I just wanted to get to an A license and I think I missed some valuable information / racing technique by going too quickly. I also want to learn how to make my own setups. I think working my way through each license level will will help me gain setup knowledge. I used to just grab a setup off the forum and go racing. I'm going to try to race every week in the Skip Barber and MX-5(league). So my videos will mainly consist of those two cars. My plans are to race both open wheel and fender cars. Here's how my ladder will look. 1 - Skip Barber and MX-5 2 - Mustang and Star Mazda 3 - V8 Supercar and Lotus 79 4 - Corvette and IndyCar And finally, I will dedicate the rest of my time to the Williams F1. I think following that ladder will help me out tremendously. Thanks for watching and subscribing!! Hopefully, I will be karting by March of next year. So watch for those videos. :D

iRacing GT3 Challenge Mt.Panorama Bathurst 30min sim on-board
**Click "Show more" for check my PC/Rigs specs etc.** iRacing GT3 Challenge 2015s1 Mt. Panorama - Bathurst 30 min. check my 360 trick at 19:02 lol. no musics in this video as usual. My car is Ford GT GT3 and start from 19th. There are 29 GT3 racecars in the field. You should drive BMW Z4 if you want to gain your rating, recommend not to drive Ford GT. but hey, Ford GT GT3 is fun car. I recommend you to drive Ford GT GT3 if you won't care about your rating ;) Here, Bathurst. There are crash, crash, and crash lol.my car also had damage and killed speed :( but even though, racing here is much enjoyable, fun!! iRacing.com is motorsport simulation. http://www.iracing.com/ RIG: Thrustmaster T500 RS + DSD wheel adapter + momo mod27(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uETlGW7Np0), Ascher Racing Full carbon Fiber Paddle Shifter(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEF1RPIdu_8), AGiddyup FP1 Pedal system, Z1 Dashboard LCD box http://www.derekspearedesigns.com/wheel-adapters.html http://www.ascher-racing.com/ http://www.z1simwheel.com/dashboard/ PC: Windows 7 x64 Enterprise, CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX, ASRock 990FX Extreme4, AMD Phenom II X6 1100T BE, turbo off @3.8GHz, Zalman CNPS9900 MAX, DDR3-1333 8GBx2, Radeon R9 290X 4GB, 22" WSXGA+ x3 screen bezel managed Eyefinity setup, stealseries SIBERIA Elite headset REC: Sony HDR-180CX, Fraps EDITING: Premiere Elements 10

iRacing.com - 5 Monitors at 9600x1080
iRacing.com running 5 monitors at 9600x1080 or 10020x1080(AMD bezel compensation) using a 6870 Eyefinity 6 Edition video card. Right now I have "Render 3 Screens Separately" enabled, but the angle doesn't look right on the outer monitors. This will be fixed when iRacing adds a "Render 5 Screens Separately" feature. Graphics are turned down to level 3 and I don't believe I have any shadows on. FPS was pretty consistent at 84, but it did drop down to the 60s at times. I didn't notice any stuttering or tearing.