White Ferrari F430 Spider Highway

White tuned Ferrari F430 Spider driven on the highway by a funny dude with a mask on the highways of Japan in a supercar event

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Ferrari highway invasion
Ferrari highway invasion, lots of Ferrari's are invading the highway autobahn, like the F430, 360, F355, F430 Spider, the 458 Italia and more, and mostly are tuned and not only from the outside.

Lamborghini's & Ferrari's on the highway
Supercars racing on the highway A footage from a couple of supercars together having some fun on the highway Lamborghini murcielago gallardo ferrari F430 Ferrari spider tuned

Does a Ferrari 360 Attract Women?
I examine whether having a Ferrari 360 Modena will make you instantly attractive to women. (Doug DeMuro)

550hp F430 Spider INSANE Sound, Capristo Exhaust
This Ferrari is one of the best F430 I've ever seen and filmed. First it has a 16M body kit, and Scuderia stripes. It looks absolutely gorgeous ! Then, it's fitted with Capristo Exhausts ! So the sound is deafening and so beautiful ! With these modifications (and some other, it makes around 530hp, more than an actual F430 Scuderia ! The first part of the video was filmed today, at the March Cars & Coffee of Paris. The second part was filmed in November 2012. The stripes weren't on yet ! Enjoy !