In-car camera of Jeff Courtney's start at the World Challenge

Jeff Courtney's start at the World Challenge held at Virginia International Raceway October 2-3, 2010. Courtesy of Woodhouse Motorsports.

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Jeff Courtney Racing

VIR World Challenge 2010 - What's a Redneck and where did the term come from
VIR World Challenge 2010 - The staff and drivers were asked "What is a Redneck and were did the term come from"?

Racing at Cottonwood dirt track. Driver view.
Ride along with Warren Lasseter in the #1 car in the stocker feature race 16 March 2013. At the end of the video, he has lost his rear wheel and drive axle. He drove the tires off the car.

Old Time Racing (Part 2) - Peace Haven Speedway, Bowman Gray Stadium, & VIR
This 8mm film shows early NASCAR racing at Peace Haven Speedway in Winston-Salem, NC from April 27, 1953 - A.M.A. Motorcycle racing at Dixie Classic Fairgrounds in Winston-Salem, NC from 1954 - NASCAR racing at Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem, NC from January 8, 1955 (Tobacco Bowl) - Exotic Car racing at Virginia International Raceway from 1959. There are two parts to this film - Part 1 is all Peace Haven Speedway 1954 (10:23). Part 2 includes a short clip of Peace Haven Speedway (:26), a short clip of motorcycles at the Dixie Classic Fairgrounds in Winston-Salem (:22), a long clip of Bowman Gray Stadium (4:35), and a very long clip of Exotic Car racing at Virginia International Raceway (7:58). The Bowman Gray Stadium footage is mixed between Sportsman and Amateur clips. The Sportsman cars had large white lettered decals on their roofs. Drivers in this (Part 2) Bowman Gray Sportsman footage - Curtis Turner #22A (winner) Pee Wee Jones #9 Glenn Wood #22 Bobby Myers #14 Billy Myers #4 Ted Swaim #99 Slim Rominger #48 Johnny Roberts #7 Speedy Thompson #72 Ralph Ligouri #17 Joe Weatherly #19 Jim Paschal #80 Wendell Scott