Stupid lego bus

This is a VERY stupid video we, the randomlegos383, producers made. this was like, our 5th video so its not very good. please check out our great stop motion videos like: car troubles and Lego space shuttle launch, before you start judging us. Oh ya, watch stupid Lego bus 2 - and stupid lego bus 3- Check out this awesome lego vid creator: Check out DizzyDizaster on twitch, he is an awesome streamer!

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Stupid lego bus 2
Its finnaly here, STUPID LEGO BUS 2!!!!!!!! This is a funny and stupid videos of a lego bus.

Lego Train Crossing
This is a stop motion that I made of a Lego City Train Crossing. It took me a long time. Made by RoastedSquirrel Please visit my new website with all my new videos!

Lego City Fire response 1
In this video, a squad of firesighter saves a cat. by VDOSJCOI

LEGO Thomas the Tank Engine train delivers Kraft peanut butter!
My LEGO Thomas the Tank Engine train hauls a special cargo of Kraft peanut butter to the table so that a sandwich can be made -- thanks Thomas! This video was a submission for Kraft Canada's Spread the Feeling contest. In order to pull 1.5 kg of cargo, I had to load Thomas full of pennies... traction improved, but the magnets between wagons were strained. But Thomas persevered and the peanut butter was delivered! Haha. Enjoy!