Stupid lego bus

This is a VERY stupid video we, the randomlegos383, producers made. this was like, our 5th video so its not very good. please check out our great stop motion videos like: car troubles and Lego space shuttle launch, before you start judging us. Oh ya, watch stupid Lego bus 2 - and stupid lego bus 3-

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Lego Train Crossing
This is a stop motion that I made of a Lego City Train Crossing. It took me a long time. Made by RoastedSquirrel Please visit my new website with all my new videos!

LEGO City Feuerwehrjagd

LEGO Thomas the Tank Engine train delivers Kraft peanut butter!
My LEGO Thomas the Tank Engine train hauls a special cargo of Kraft peanut butter to the table so that a sandwich can be made -- thanks Thomas! This video was a submission for Kraft Canada's Spread the Feeling contest. In order to pull 1.5 kg of cargo, I had to load Thomas full of pennies... traction improved, but the magnets between wagons were strained. But Thomas persevered and the peanut butter was delivered! Haha. Enjoy!

プラレール 踏切(自動)警報機・遮断機 予告編
プラレールの踏切(改造情景)が完成しました。踏切警 報機・遮断機が自動で作動します。この動画は、その予 告編です。なお、この踏切を使った動画も完成し、 で、視聴することができます。 また、製作した踏切はWEBでも公開しています。