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1984 Mercedes Benz 300SD Autocross

Putting my 1984 300SD with 350,000 miles through the paces on Sunday 10/12/08 with the Greater Washington Section of the Mercedes Benz Club of America at autocross #7 in Winchester Va.


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Ridiculous Autocross Run In A Mercedes 6.3
The course was set up for the Rocky Mountain Fiat Club autocross, but later in the day I brought out the 6.3 for a few exhibition runs. The power steering didn't want to respond to the quick left-right-left-left section in the beginning, but it was a load of fun on the other end. Forgive the Dukes of Hazzard treatment at the end, but it had to be done, and it was a crowd favorite.

1984 Mercedes-Benz 300SD Turbo Diesel Walk Around
Picked this car up 9/11/09. I've got a lot of stuff I want to do to it so I'll be adding stuff on here as I go.

1984 Mercedes Benz 300SD Turbodiesel Start Up, Engine, and Full Tour
I love checking out old cars, this benz is a tank, it'll still last till probably 500k miles! Pretty cool to be able to compare today's luxuries with things in the past

1982 Mercedes-Benz 300SD Turbo Diesel W126 Performance upgrades & intercooler set up.
1982 Mercedes-Benz 300SD '82 turbo Diesel inter-cooled! Upgraded Fuel injectors + many other parts, many hours went into this car. It was in a car accident and i brought it back to life. I invested a lot of $ on custom parts build for this 300SD. From the brakes, to the suspension, to the engine everything was upgraded with high performance parts. This 300SD was fast, but Diesel fast.... nothing beats a gas powered V8! :-) Copyright © MBdieselFREAK

Mercedes turbodiesel race world's fastest
drag race mercedes

Testdrive! 1982 Mercedes-Benz 300SD
I've been looking for a diesel 'Benz for years but they're hard to find in decent shape. This one was nice on the outside, but not so nice on the inside.

Mercedes Benz 300SD Turbo Diesel Running
84 300SD running.

84 Mercedes 300d 0-60 time on veggie
84 Mercedes 300d 0-60 time on veggie

82 Mercedes 300SD Running right after diesel purge
My 300SD Idling after Lubro Moly diesel purge. Less nailing Easier startig Power abundancy greater

Mercedes Benz 300SD Turbo Diesel Walk-Around
Mercedes Benz 300SD turbo Diesel Walk-Around

Mercedes-Benz 300 SD 0-60 MPH Movie.wmv
A brief selection of videos demonstrating the acceleration capabilities of a stock 617.950 engine with nothing more than proper tuning and adjustments. The engine is internally stock and features an '05' camshaft advanced 4° and injection pump timing advanced 2° from specification respectively. The stock T-3 turbo produces 14.7 psi of Boost @ 5100 rpm. The injection pump is stock and no adjustments have been made to the rack limiter or full load stop. The ALDA set screw has been backed all the way out CCW. I hope you enjoy this short video....

1984 Mercedes 500SEL AMG solid lifter revving
1984 Mercedes 500SEL AMG solid lifter revving Car owned by AzimuthAviation on Benzworld.org Solid lifter car, demo of hard pull without trying hard, 4 people in car, and only up to sub 5k!

Mercedes-Benz S-Class History promo video
Mercedes-Benz S-Class History promotional video in German.

1985 Mercedes Benz 300SD -4F Cold Start
1985 Mercedes Benz 300SD turbo Diesel 5 cylinder starting after an overnight cold soak at -4F. About 5 degrees above 0 at the time of the video. Took a couple of glow plug cycles but it started. On straight #2 Diesel Fuel with no additives (like my other cold start videos) Doesn't start as well as my 240D but still a very strong runner.

1982 Mercedes Benz 300SD for sale $1500
My Mercedes is for sale. This is a quick video. At the end, my son attempts closing the hood (his first time) and doesn't quite get it. The hood does close properly. Check out the listing at http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/cto/3065951255.html

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