Mazda 323 wagon drag racing burnout

3rd gear burnout in my mazda wagon in 3rd gear makes some nice has run 12.34 @ 123

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Mazda 323 JDM Project

Jaidyn's 12A J Port 84' 323 Wagon Full
Jaidyn's 1984 Mazda 323 Wagon with a 12A J Port Rotary Engine, Freshly rebuilt. Engine start up and Exhaust from 2:47

Mazda 323 Wagon
Mazda 323 Wagon Группа Вконтакте Музыка

LOWERED Mazda 323 BG by Jasoon / #lemonadecrew
Short Ronin test video of Jason & his '94 Mazda 323 BG - proud #lemonadecrew members :). Car's Mazdaspeed forum topic: Find us on Facebook: or Instagram: Music: Highself - Live.For Stay tuned for more!