Awesome Monster Lawn Mower - Start-up and Drive

Be sure to check us out on Facebook at: I thought you'd like a closer look at this awesome lifted lawn tractor. The owner and builder, Lloyd, was nice enough to give us the details of the build and even take it for a spin around the yard. He's only had this machine completed for about a week, so he's just now getting to enjoy all his hard work. I hope you find it interesting, thanks for taking a look! Monster lifted lawn tractor mower super swampers huge offroad tires gigantic show winner custom paint dual Exhaust vtwin electric flames driving starting Peerless transaxle awesome RamblinAround rambling vlog hd partner

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Pulley Swap Speed Test - Hot Rod Lawn Tractor - Racing Lawn Mower
Be sure to check us out on Facebook at: I managed to get the pulley swap done yesterday and we took it out for a little test drive. I decided to leave the engine pulley stock and just swap the transaxle pulley. So, I switched the transaxle pulley from a 9 inch diameter pulley to a 2.5 inch pulley. Then I took up the slack in the old belt, to figure out what length the new belt should be. It turned out that a deck belt from a 40" Murray works just fine. We still have some carburetor issues to address before we'll be getting the maximum performance out of it. I also have some modifications that I'm going to make to the spindles and front end. I hope you find this racing mower project interesting...thanks for watching!

Hot Rod Lawn Tractor Update - Harley Exhaust Installed and Working
Be sure to check us out on Facebook at: An update on the Hot Rod Lawn Tractor. Wally just finished fabricating the Exhaust as per your suggestions. He constructed the muffler with internal sound chambers to keep the Exhaust note down to a reasonable level, since he still uses it for mowing. He's still going to clean it up a bit, paint the brackets, and wrap a portion of it in header tape. Just a couple more items and we can call this one done. Thanks for watching.

Monster Lawn Mower Driving - Homemade Lifted V-Twin Powered Tractor
Be sure to check us out on Facebook at: This is a short clip of the Monster Lawn Tractor starting up and driving. I thought some of you that are new to my channel may not have seen it. If you want to know more about how it's constructed, you can watch the longer version of the video that I already had on my channel. Thanks for watching and commenting, I appreciate it! Monster Lawn Tractor lifted mower huge offroad super swamper mud tires homemade fabricated custom painted flames vtwin engine dual Exhaust six speed Peerless transaxle RamblinAround rambling vlog hd partner

Hot Rod Lawn Tractor Update - Customized with Harley-Davidson Exhaust and Flames
Wally made a few small changes to the Hot Rod Lawn Tractor, so I thought it was time for an update. Maybe some of my newer subscribers haven't even seen it yet. I hope you enjoy taking a look. Thanks for watching and commenting! Happy Holidays! Background music track, Cowboy Whiskey, was provided, royalty-free, by www.freesoundtrackmusic. com hot rod rat rod lawn tractor mower real flames convoy duck hood ornament Harley-Davidson Exhaust custom customized paint pin-up bomber style nose art