Astra Turbo Dump Valve Installation - standard OEM plenum

Time lapse installation of Dump Valve and intake pipes.

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Astra Turbo - Cat-Back Exhaust Installation
Installation of a modified SMB cat back Exhaust system on a Mk4 Astra turbo. Complete turbo back Exhaust coming soon.

How to install a Dump Valve (BOV)
This Video Bluudy Fits a Blow off valve (BOV) AKA a Dump Valve to the 2.0 turbo Engine in the astra. Bought to you by - Need Help? Got any suggestions? Discuss this episode on the AMSport forums! All posts are responded to - Like us on Facebook!

full tuning dump valve 200sx s13
démo dump valve imitation forge a simple piston montée en sur mesure avec des silicones renforcés SAMCO par full tuning & sport (belgique) + Intercooler sur une s13 1800cc turbo

SFR BOV kit installation
Seoulfulracing's Genesis Coupe 2.0T Blow Off Valve Kit installation DIY guide