2012 iRacing Daytona 500

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iRacing NASCAR Series at Talladega FULL RACE
Full race at Talladega! Can we survive starting on the pole? I have to thank my new spotter Mick Woods for calling the shots! Twitter - http://goo.gl/ZzbEBU Facebook - http://goo.gl/2r8W7O Instagram - jfavignano snapchat - jfavignano skype - codezerogamingjeff Code Zero Gaming "Alex" - http://goo.gl/ntb63d "Buggs" - http://goo.gl/9woBM6 "Chris" - http://goo.gl/1wIFZ8 "Frooglesim/Pete" - http://goo.gl/9c2hZa "Polecat324" - http://goo.gl/oyghov "Zach" - http://goo.gl/Olv2Bz My Favorite people, LOVE YOU! "Nicole" - http://goo.gl/lZp1sk "Speirs" - http://goo.gl/kAGTT7 Music Licensed with AudioMicro www.audiomicro.com Intro Music C Sharp by The Quest

1987 Daytona 500
Daytona International Speedway- Daytona Beach, FL February 15, 1987

iRacing: Lotus 49 at Nordschleife - Time To Die
This is the ultimate test. Period. SoF 2991 Enjoy Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SimracingNC --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- More info about my setup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K5vSH5OSm8&list=PL1u-M2VJzwHqF61SyIvq4njxb I-STdxkg Software used in my videos: iRacing: http://www.iracing.com DiRT Rally: https://www.dirtgame.com Assetto Corsa: http://www.assettocorsa.net GT Legends: http://store.steampowered.com/app/44690 Android dash apps: DashMeterPro: http://www.sensadigit.com SimShiftLight: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=se.lifeon2.simshiftlight Recording: OBS: https://obsproject.com Action!: https://mirillis.com CyberLink PowerDiector: http://www.cyberlink.com/products/powerdirector-ultra/features_en_US.html Race information overlay: iRacing Browser Apps: http://ir-apps.kutu.ru/ Computer: MoBo: Gigabyte Z87-D3HP CPU: Intel i5 4670K (not OCed yet) GPU: ASUS R9 280X 3 GB (slightly OCed) RAM: 8 GB DDR3 Monitors: 24'' 16:10 1920x1200 1x Samsung 2433 2x HP LA2405wg Rig: Obutto Ozone with triple monitor mount Wheel: Thrustmaster T500RS modded: DSD wheel adapter + quick release 15 pin VGA connector w/ cables through shaft (I can put on stock rims, SRW-S1 and G25 paddle shifters) 140mm cooling fan integrated to the case Wheel rims: SRW-S1 257mm, G25 rim 270mm, Kart Wheel (red suede with Nexus S) 300mm, Raid Formula (red) 320mm, Mountney GT 330mm, T500 F1 rim (heavily modded;)), G25 paddle shifter unit Pedals: ProtoSimTech PT-1 Prototypes Button Boxes: DIY (based on 1 DSD 32 Button Controller) Dashes: 1 HTC Wildfire (Buzz) running SimShiftLight 2 tablets (ASUS Slider + Transformer) running Dash Meter Pro Misc: TrackIR (rarely used) Many little modifications

iRacing - 2016 NASCAR iRacing Series - Race 1 - Daytona 500
As quickly as last season ended, it begins anew again. We return to the NiS open series for our championship effort this year as part of AMS. Kevin "NYKev" Jacewicz returns as spotter for myself, while we also welcome Mike Corvo as crew chief/spotter and Jeff Favignano as driver to our group. The year begins with a wild Daytona 500. 1st restart 19:09 2nd restart 44:36 3rd restart 1:50:00 4th restart 2:20:43 5th restart 2:38:02 Final restart 2:48:50