How to Inspect and Replace the Timing Belt on a VW 2.0 L Engine

For 2004 VW Jetta 2.0L BEV and related engines. See the other video needed to do this: "How to Put Piston 1 and Top Dead Center" by Yeechblitz.

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PROPER Timing Belt and TENSION 98-05 VW 2.0L Jetta, Beetle, GTI, Golf
How to properly install and SET TENSION on a timing belt for a Volkswagen AEG or AVH 2.0L SOHC engine (98-05 Jetta, Golf, GTI or Beetle). Most YouTube videos do not show how to set the tension!!!

How to do a timing belt on your 98-05 jetta 2.0 part 1
This is a AEG motor but the 2.0 is pretty much all the same for doing the timing and water pump Tools needed 10mm socket - timing cover and water pump bolts 16mm socket - 3 motor mount bolts 6mm allen - 4 pulley bolts 18mm 12 point for crankshaft bolt snap ring pliers for tensioner (curved) 13mm wrench or socket for the tensioner 5/8 wrench for serpentine belt removal

⭐ 2002 Volkswagen Jetta - 2.0 - Timing Belt & Water Pump
Video on how to change the timing belt and water pump on a 2002 volkswagen jetta with the 2.0 engine.

VW Jetta 2011 - 2016 mk6 2.0 gas - Timing Belt Replacement DIY video
If you find this video useful, please donate $1 here: This video goes inside each step it takes to replace the timing belt in the 2.0 L gas engine on the vw jetta MK6. I couldn't find a video before I performed this service on my own car that was specific to the MK6 2.0L gas engine, so I documented the process in an effort to make these steps available to other people trying to change their timing belts. At the time of posting this video, I had already put over 100 miles on my car since changing the timing belt. So happy I didn't pay VW $1,300 to do this for me. * DISCLAIMER! I am not a trained mechanic! You follow the steps in this youtube video at your own risk. Though this video looks fairly simple and straightforward, it was not an easy job. The portion of the video that says "just slip on your new timing belt" WILL be challenging. New timing belts are TIGHT (I boiled mine in hot water to get it on). Only undertake this challenge if you know what you're doing and feel relatively comfortable working engines and timing components.