SRT4 clutch burn

guy thinks he's doing a burnout, but he's burning his clutch

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How To Make Your Clutch Last Longer
Here is how to make your car clutch last longer. If you ride the clutch, it will wear out faster. Riding the clutch is holding your foot down on the clutch while the car is stopped. To make your car clutch last longer, put your car in neutral and release the clutch when the car is stopped. Another tip to make your car's clutch last longer is to make sure you don't rev up the engine and pop the clutch to start going. Rev the engine a little bit and let the clutch out gently. Follow these tips, and your car clutch will last longer. This video shows you how to drive a car with a manual transmission.

Valet destroys clutch on Lamborghini
Follow me on Facebook and Instagram! / Instagram @speedracer38 One of the reasons why using valet scares me. This is one of the best places in Beverly Hills that valets the most expensive cars in the world. It seemed to be this guys first day because I had to stop him before he kept backing up and show him where the button is to raise the nose on the LP560 to avoid scraping the front bumper. After watching him struggle backing the car up the small incline in the driveway I started to record again when I saw smoke pouring out of the engine bay knowing he just completely burnt out the clutch. Even with an e-gear this is possible because he was never fully engaging the clutch. If you think this is your Lamborghini please let me know because I took a picture of the cars VIN just in case.

SRT4 exhaust Fail
Not what we were expecting with this catback. But we fixed that.