SRT4 clutch burn

guy thinks he's doing a burnout, but he's burning his clutch

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How To Make Your Clutch Last Longer
Here is how to make your car clutch last longer. If you ride the clutch, it will wear out faster. Riding the clutch is holding your foot down on the clutch while the car is stopped. To make your car clutch last longer, put your car in neutral and release the clutch when the car is stopped. Another tip to make your car's clutch last longer is to make sure you don't rev up the engine and pop the clutch to start going. Rev the engine a little bit and let the clutch out gently. Follow these tips, and your car clutch will last longer. This video shows you how to drive a car with a manual transmission.

Idiot fail ! clutch burnout !
clutch burnout catch fire !

How to shift without the clutch (clutchless shifting)
READ THE DESCRIPTION FIRST PLEASE. I am not responsible for anything that happens to your car if you try this. I actually do not recommend doing it but its nice to know. Many people seem to be getting the wrong idea for this video. I am NOT telling you to not to use your clutch. This video is just to show how to shift without the clutch if the time comes when you need to use this. If your clutch goes out you might need to use this. This technique is potentially hazardous to your car. So if youre going to post a comment about how bad it is and just use the clutch, please dont post a comment. Some people want to know how to do it and that it is possible. I AM NOT TELLING YOU TO DO THIS OR TO NEGLECT YOUR CLUTCH. I KNOW HOW TO SHIFT WITHOUT THE CLUTCH, IT DOES NOT MEAN I DO THIS WITH EVERY SHIFT I DO. IN FACT I HAVENT DONE THIS SINCE I MADE THE VIDEO. The car is a mini cooper S 2005 with the stock Supercharger. Yes the audio is slightly off when i created the video but o well. The cameras i used were a vholdr contourHD 1080p for the rear camera, and 2 canon powershots for the tachometer and feet. This is kinda hard to learn and bad for your car when you mess up so practice at your own risk!