Great BMW 635 CSI GR. 2 at Hillclimb! Pure Sounds! Jürg Dürig Gurnigel 2011 FV.4

Great video from my friends of More of this BMW at Such a great BMW at the Hillclimb - for me one of the best BMW´s ever. You have to love that sound... The driver, Jürg Dürig, Switzerland

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BMW Special of Hillclimb Reitnau - Bergrennen BMW M3 E30 - 1er M Coupé - pure Sounds - M3 E36
All BMW´s at the nice Hillclimb of Reitnau / Switzerland.

BMW M3 E30 DTM - Hillclimb Bergrennen Special - pure Sound - Vrchu Subida Chronoscalata
One of MPZ´s favorite Touring Cars... The sounds from those Cars are amazing, incredible and sometimes nasty. Turn your speakers loud and enjoy it...

BEST OF Hillclimb 2015! Maximum Attack always at the Limit! No Crashs small Fails!
This is the trailer to the DVD "BEST OF FINGER VIDEO 2015". Duration: 130 minutes, Prix: CHF 29.--, EURO 25.-- Including all Hillclimb, Rallye and Slalom Tracks at Swiss Championship 2015, and some specials Content: BEST OF HILLCLIMB 2015, 60 minutes BEST OF Bergmonster, Monsters of Hillclimb 10 minutes BEST OF Slalom, 8 minutes BEST OF Rallye, 8 minutes BEST OF CRASH, DIRFTS and SPECTACLE, 12 minutes Autosport Schweiz Champions Series, 10 minutes BEST OF ONBOARD, 15 minutes BEST OF Arosa Classic Car, 6 minutes

TERRIFIC Onboard Hillclimb St. Ursanne 2012 - Martini MK69 - BMW 3.0 Julien Ducommun - FV12
Great drive of Julien Ducommun in his Martini MK69 - BMW 3.0 Click for DVD's of Fingervideo