RWUB 2 Drag Race Alfa Romeo 147 1.6ts (120bhp) Vs. Peugeot 106 GTI 1.6 (120bhp)

Run What You Bring 2 Drag Race, Gjader, Lezhe, Albania. Racing cars, Alfa Romeo 147 1.6ts (120bhp) Vs. Peugeot 106 GTI 1.6 (120bhp). Winner..., the much lighter Peugeot. Next time, everything's gonna be different :D

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Alfa Romeo 147 1.6 Veloce VS Peugeot 307 2.0 XS
A little race for fun with a buddy of me

Alfa Romeo 147 facelift projector installation 1.html The facelift Alfa 147 has a different headlight as the standard 147. With this new shroud, the Medium Gatlin Gun, it looks very nice! The 147 Alfa is facelifted in the end of 2004. 0:00 Heat up the headlight for about 17 minutes and open it with a flat screw driver 0:20 Unscrew the bulb holder from the housing and also from the projector (when it's mounted) 0:44 Screw the Medium Gatlin Gun shroud on the projector with the included screws 1:06 Place the rubber ring on the tail against the vibrations, put it trough the reflector and align it with the included centric ring, after that secure it with the screw nut 1:38 Connect the bi xenon plug with the H1 high beam splitter for high lights from the projectors 3:24 Screw the bulb holder back on the tail and place the bulb into it and plug the two little plugs into the H7 connector 4:01 Don't forget to clean the lens and shrouds. Wipe out all fingerprints and dust 4:06 Press the glass back on the housing and heat it up again for about 17 minutes in the carton box, after it's heat again press the glass further in the housing and be sure the sealing will close the edges 4:32 Final view Alfa 147 facelift with Mini H1 projectors In this video we've used the: Mini H1 twin kit - Aharon speedstart Canbus ballasts AMP - Medium Gatlin Gun shrouds - XB35 5500K H1xenon bulbs - T10 position lights to match up with the xenons - H1 high beam splitter to activate the bi-xenon function ( it.html) Any questions? Contact us directly! +31 (0)341-820220 Tolweg 2W 3851SK Ermelo Netherlands

Alfa 147 GTA car review - Top Gear - BBC
Jeremy pits Alfa's hot hatch against the Ford Focus RS and a VW Golf R32 out on the Top Gear track. It may be fast in a straight line and depreciate even faster, but who cares! Go to to see a full list of all high quality videos available on the Top Gear YouTube channel and don't forget to visit for all the latest news and car reviews.

Alfa Romeo 147 GTA 3.2 v6 with Ferrari 360 Throtte Body
Tuned Alfa Romeo 147 GTA 3.2 v6 - Chiptuned - Ferrari 360 Modena Throttle Body - Freely vented PCV with oil catch tank - Decatted CF2 Manifolds & EQ Length Downpipes - Ragazzon Exhaust with unsilenced midpipe - ASSO Carbon Intake pipe+ BMC filter - Ron 98 petrol +/- 290 HP GoPro Hero3 Silver + Audio Technica ATR3350