Street Racing - SRT-4 vs Nissan 350Z Twin Turbo

Street Racing - SRT-4 vs Nissan 350Z Twin turbo

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Livestream von Bothast " immer noch nicht perfekt"
Das erste mal Livestream mit Anno 1701. Allerdings nur mal zum testen. Also nich ganz so lange.

SRT-4 vs cobalt ss
stage 2 srt-4 vs stage 2 cobalt ss, raced three times. have new ones coming pretty soon.. the cobalt is not faster then the srt4.. srt4 just had a bad clutch and was on 11psi..

Wir sind alleine Let´s play Anno 1701 extra lang # 47
Es ist alles uns . So soll es sein. Bauen Bauen Bauen,

350Z Twin Turbo - Forged Z - 525 WHP @ 14 PSI
NOTICE: Check the most recent videos. *This video was made when the transmission was going out. It was supposed to be a built tranny, but the company in Houston screwed me. It blew up on 1/4/2009 on the way to Las Vegas. It is now rebuilt and running strong.