SCOOT FD3S Free-rev/Part 1

Just me playing with the gas pedal on the scoot 4 rotor FD3S

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エキサイティングカーショーへ出品の為、 名古屋へ来襲。 搬入前にRBにお越し下さいました。

OPTION2 2011年9月号では、8月号に続いて新たな4ローターエンジ をお届けするぞ。 今回新たに完成したのは神奈川県のチューニングショッ プ スクートスポーツが製作した13Bをベースとしたサー ドポート仕様のエンジン。 エンジンやマシンの詳細についてはOPTION2 2011年9月号(8月11日発売)をチェックしてほしい。

Designing your own car for the road - Trailer
Here is a trailer for the 90 min video coming soon :) From Veilside Fortune RX7 to XEROES Fortune RX7. What else can I say? AWESOME! Let the Awesomeness speak for itself! This is a simple bolt on and bolt off kit. This means that with a few hours work the original kit can be put back onto the car and you would not know the difference. This back end took a total of 670 hours to redesign. This includes all the clay sculpting and fiberglass work. The clay is not left on the car. It is just used to get the shape. The finished product is a hollow and light fiberglass panel. This process is shown in detail in the longer 90min video. Check it out once it is uploaded. Clay moulding, Clay sculpting, Clay redesign, Concept car,

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