Caliber SRT-4 Exhaust Comparison

Two vehicles... The 09 Caliber SRT (loves_cars) has the RealTune catted turbo back Exhaust... The 08 Caliber SRT (burnhard88) has the RealTune catless downpipe and Mopar cat-back... Had major issues with the video today, so this is just somewhat of a teaser for now, till we can get some proper recording equipment... Enjoy

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Caliber srt 4
few runs in my csrt4.

SRT4 Dodge Caliber//Killer Van//Owner's AgonyS2E7
If your mom was a psychopath. I get to drive this sketchy-ass SRT powered caliber. Music: 🔥 Download Link 🔥 ↪︎ Trap Nation's Spotify playlist: 🎵 Fabian Mazur 🎵 ● ● ●

Focus RS vs Caliber SRT4!!
CSRT4 le gana a Focus RS.

DODGE caliber srt4 r20
DODGE caliber srt4 r20