NSX-R vs NSX S Zero (Suzuka)

Race(ish) between NSX-R and the then new NSX S Zero at the Suzuka circuit.

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Best Motoring - 1997-05[NSX-R NSX Type S Zero F355 M3 Supra RZ 911 4S RX-7 GT-R]#53[JAS]

NSX-R (NA1) vs NSX-R (NA2)
Comparison between NSX-R (NA1, 3.0ltr) vs NSX-R (NA2, 3.2ltr)

NSX-R (NA1) vs S Zero vs NSX-R (NA2)
Standing 400m runs featuring NSX-R (NA1), S Zero and NSX-R (NA2)

NSX Type S Super Impression
1/4 mile with all NSX models and handling test by Keiichi Tsuchiya. Has the performance of the New NSX really been improved or is it just another face-lift? You'll find out as the BM reviewers compare the New NSX against the other NSXs from the past decade.