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Beetle Cup racing 1992 (pt-1)

Beetle Cup racing 1992 at Brands Hatch


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Bug Restoration (Official Full Version)
VW Bug Restoration, from beginning to end!

VFORCE beetle racing PART1
VW 1302 super beetle. 2.7 lt. type4 engine.46IDA Weber carbs. Lowered and stiffened original suspension. Road registered and playing with the big boys.

The car in front is a VW Beetle
For drivers who love being stuck behind an old VW Beetle on the road. Camera car is an Alfa GTA

HSCC VW Beetle Silverstone (Race) 2012
Ian from the Just Kampers team is campaigning his 1965 1300c Volkswagen Beetle in the 2012 Historic Touring Car Championship. Round 3 of the series took place at Silverstone and Ian captured some fantastic footage of his classic Beetle mixing it up with Ford Mustangs and Mini's. We caught up with Ian after the race, "Captain cautious for the first lap what with the squidgy brake pedal and a tacho which had a mind of it's own (buzzed the motor a few times) Qualified 34th out of 47 cars and things were going peachy until I hit a line of oil and spun it. As it seems to be the case with hot race engines, the stalled engine wouldn't re-start so my race was over just as it was getting interesting...Onwards to Snetterton for a double header." Full details on the VW Beetle: 1965 swing axle Beetle, CSP disc brakes all round, 1285cc, 44 Webers, Engle FK10 cam, reworked stock heads with stock sized valves, cooling by 12 inch electric fan and ram air pipes, approx 120-125bhp@ 8000rpm. Bears close ratio gearbox with a Quaife ATB diff, Dunlop historic crossply tyres, weight around 740kg with driver. Front suspension: Stock beam, springs and rubber bushes, adjustable Formula Vee anti-roll bar, 2.5" dropped spindles, Quantum double adjustable motorsport dampers. Rear suspension: Stock springs and rubber bushes, lowered 2 splines, custom made heavy duty adjustable Z-bar, Quantum double adjustable motorsport dampers. The Racing Beetle runs on standard Front Suspension with the parts supplied by Just Kampers. Learn more about VW Beetle Front Suspension at: http://www.justkampers.com/shop/vw-beetle-parts/original-parts/suspension?c at=1825

20 hour VW buggy engine rebuild: Part 1 of 3
A step by step 'how to' demonstration : rebuild your VW aircooled in 20 hours. Plenty of detail on all the fiddly bits!! Parts budget €350. Enjoy!!

VW BUGS GONE WILD Class 11 desert racing
These stock VW bugs are racing for their lives and hanging it out there on the very edge. Class 11 is the ruling class of desert racing.

Kafer Cup - SuperBeetles Only!
Kafer Cup Race www.superbeetlesonly.com

2.0 Turbo Type 4 Kafer Beetle Germanlook
My type 4 turbo germanlook beetle

vw race bug
how fast can a bug go ??? watch and see ...

【衝撃】フォルクスワーゲンで最強ドリフト!! Volkswagen Beetle Drift King
これは超カッコ良い♪フォルクスワーゲンでガンガンに ドリフト決めちゃってます☆ゲームの世界みたいですが フォルクスワーゲンでドリフトの動画です☆素晴らしい ♪^^ ■■■VIP有名人お気に入り海外ブランド通販サイト ■■■ 【送料無料】 OMEGA(オメガ)ニュースピードマスター 3210.52 http://www.moshimo.com/article/298913/80755 【送料無料】 GUCCI(グッチ) サングラス 特集 http://www.moshimo.com/bargain/GUCCI-sunglasses-tsuhan/298913 【送料無料】 【現品限り】BVLGARI(ブルガリ) ディアゴノ スクーバ 時計 K18YG SS ラバー 文字盤:黒 SD38SG 【中古A】 http://www.moshimo.com/bargain/bvlgari/298913 その他ランキング毎週更新中!! 限定品品薄ごお早めに! ! 【moshi-market】(もしマーケット) http://www.moshimo.com/top/298913/ ☆☆毎日ランキング更新中☆☆ 超人気商品をカリスマバイヤー達が厳選してあなたのご 自宅までお届け致します☆ ご注文リクエスト随時受付中♪送料無料の太っ腹&限定 キャッシュバックキャンペーン実施中☆ )商品販売一覧 ◆【送料無料】 【小型カメラ】車載カーミニカメラ miniVehicle DVRビデオカメラ DVR017 (赤外線LED搭載) http://www.moshimo.com/article/298913/396700 ◆【送料無料】 【小型カメラ】腕時計型 ムービーHDダイバーカメラ W023 (防水30m HD画質 800万画素) http://www.moshimo.com/article/298913/396697 ◆【送料無料】 【小型カメラ】miniDV 液晶表示付きビデオカメラ G200 microSDタイプ (HD画質) http://www.moshimo.com/article/298913/396642 ◆【送料無料】 【小型カメラ】サングラス型動画カメラ microSDタイプ (HD画質 800万画素) http://www.moshimo.com/article/298913/396637 ◆【送料無料】 【小型カメラ】実際に火がつく ZIPPO型 オイルライター型ピンホールカメラ microSDタイプ (HD画質) http://www.moshimo.com/article/298913/396643 ◆【送料無料】 【小型カメラ】ボールペン型カメラ BPR5 (1200万画素 HD画質) http://www.moshimo.com/article/298913/396633 ◆【送料無料】 【小型カメラ】振動操作 高画質キーレス型ピンホールカメラ 809 microSDタイプ http://www.moshimo.com/article/298913/396634 ◆防犯グッズ 盗撮カメラ・小型カメラ 発見器 防犯グッズ!隠しカメラのレンズを発見出来ます! ○隠しカメラのレンズを発見することが出来ます。 ○スイッチを押して、のぞき窓から覗くとカメラのレン ズに反応し、赤く光る。 ○有線、無線問わず、対応。 ○コンパクトサイズなので、持ち運びが便利。 ○簡単にチェック可能。 ○1回15秒の使用で約7000回使用可能。 http://www.moshimo.com/article/298913/396171 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ その他の有名人口コミで人気上昇中商品ブランド情報を お探しの方はコチラからお買いもとめ下さいませ☆ インターネット口コミ総合通販ショップ ↓ 【moshi-market】 http://www.moshimo.com/top/298913 ↑

mustang gt vs vw beetle racing at the track
Mustang gt vs vw beetle racing at the track


Classic VW Engine Rebuild, By Last Chance Auto Restore.com
We began with a dual port 1600 cc engine from a 1973 Volkswagen Beetle. The engine ran with a miss and was smoking a bit . After performing a compression test,(both wet and dry) , we determined the crankshaft and bearings were fine. We replaced the pistons, pots & rings. We had the valves redone and made several upgrades along the way.....

2666cc type 4 VW beetle slalom racing
1303 Volkswagen beetle http://www.aichlseder.info/bilder/projekt_06/18.htm

Paul Volobuev (Павел Волобуев) driving VW Beetle EE/11. Kimi 2009 hillclimb - Greece
Paul Volobuev driving VW Beetle EE/11 at the famous Kimi 52-turn hillclimb race

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1961 Volkswagen Beetle Sedan: 8.670 @ 162.000
Dean, Engine: vw, Turbos: garrett

1950 Volkswagen Beetle Pro Turbo Bug: 8.876 @ 160.200
Leif, Engine: vw flat four 2400cc, Turbos: Single T66 Tires: M/T

1957 Volkswagen Beetle : 9.020 @ 0.000
Rich "Vdub" White, Engine: 2332, Turbos: cb intercooled Tires: 135's and 8 inch sli

1956 Volkswagen Beetle : 9.040 @ 150.830
Jerry Matsko, Engine: 2276 cc, Turbos: 1 big garret turbo Tires: M&H front runners and slicks

1970 Volkswagen Beetle 1300: 9.070 @ 155.710
Robert Jongen, Engine: Subaru EJ20, Turbos: GT4293 Tires: Hoosier 26x9.0x15

1965 Volkswagen Beetle : 9.513 @ 135.650
Sam Young, Engine: Electric, Tires: M&H Drag Slicks & Front Runners

1963 Volkswagen Beetle : 10.000 @ 139.000
Lance Gregory, Engine: 2295cc, Turbos: T4

1956 Volkswagen Beetle Sedan Garrett GT3076R Turbo: 10.410 @ 131.000
Dean, Engine: 2180 Type 1 (131 cu. in.), Supercharger: N/A Turbos: Garrett GT3076R Tires: M&H 22/3.5 FT; Hoosier 9.0x15's Rear

1965 Volkswagen Beetle : 10.870 @ 121.566
Michael Meyer, Engine: NA - 2387cc, Supercharger: na Turbos: na Tires: mt 8 wide

1964 Volkswagen Beetle 1: 10.920 @ 128.000
mike mullins, Engine: 138ci aircooled, Turbos: T04

1969 Volkswagen Beetle : 11.200 @ 102.000
Chris white, Engine: 3256cc stroker, Supercharger: none Turbos: none Tires: 215/60/17

1970 Volkswagen Beetle : 11.500 @ 117.890
rafi pro, Engine: 1835, Tires: 26.7

1967 Volkswagen Beetle type1: 11.560 @ 109.000
Glynn, Engine: 2165cc, Turbos: switzer s1 Tires: pheinix

1951 Volkswagen Beetle Split Window Standard: 11.599 @ 113.920
Michi Graf, Engine: Wankel 13 B N/A, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: M+ H 26/6-15

1965 Volkswagen Beetle : 11.600 @ 112.240
Mark Herbert, Engine: VW 2332cc, 140ci, Tires: 145/15 klebers and 8

1956 Volkswagen Beetle : 11.760 @ 111.990
Jerry Spearn, Engine: 2387cc, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: firestone 26 x 6 slicks

1961 Volkswagen Beetle : 11.800 @ 112.800
James Lutz, Engine: Horizontal air coole, Tires: Firestone Slicks

1970 Volkswagen Beetle : 11.880 @ 108.970
Tim Shockency, Engine: 2332cc,

1966 Volkswagen Beetle type 1 bug: 11.960 @ 107.000
gary, Engine: 2332cc 4cylinder, Supercharger: n/a Turbos: n/a Tires: 8in firestone slicks

1956 Volkswagen Beetle : 12.180 @ 114.450
Jerry Spearn, Engine: 1996cc, Supercharger: NO Turbos: NO Tires: firestone


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