1st gen DSM vs old school 300ZX

dsm and nissan going at it back in the day at Hunts Point, Bronx

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Fast 1g DSM vs Twin Turbo Mustang Street Race
Panda 1g DSM takes on a Twin turbo Coyote Mustang heads up for $600 pot!

EG 400whp Civic (Beast) at Lebanon Valley
LS-Vtec turbo hatch. 400hp. Letting off at the end of 4th gear. Got really squirlley and drifting hard towards the wall. MODS: stock b16 head ls block w/ forged pistons & rods stock sleeves (golden eagle block guard) Garrett t3/t4 turbo GSR tranny w/ Type R LSD

My DSM.avi
Drag 1G DSM(with dead turbo ;-))) vs 300ZX

BEST EVER 1G DSM Compilation!!
All 1G AWD turbo Talons/Eclipse! Best one on youtube!! This will be the best 10min of you life if your a DSM fan! the music is awesome and so are the pictures! First song is "Dragway DSM by Filthy" second song is "Under the Knife by Raise Against" third song is "I will not Bow by Breaking Benjamin fourth song is off of the movie "Step up 2" Hope you enjoy :)