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Nina-Dad Triumph Spitfire Autocross Racing video

Rich Torres autocrossing


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Triumph Spitfire My first full restoration Video 1080p HD
Video shows full restoration of Triumph Spitfire MK IV. It was my first time when I restored such an old car so be forgiving. Greetings from Poland!

Vintage Race at Portland
Vintage racing between a Triumph Spitfire and an Austin Healey Sprite at Portland Intl Raceway - Cameras in both cars

Epic Subaru 360 Racing Autocross
Willamette Motor Club's Oregon state fairgrounds Paterson Memorial Autocross in Salem Oregon Sunday Aug. 5th 2012. What a riot !. Have you ever wondered if a tiny 25hp Subaru 360 Sedan and a Novice driver could compete against cars with 500hp? It shocked me and everyone else how well my little 1969 Subaru 360 Sedan did. It wasn't the fastest car. No, as a matter of fact it was very you can't take your eyes off hairy-scary. The good: It corners on dime, you point it, it goes! It is also balanced well. Crazy fun!, by far the most fun to drive. No cones were harmed, at least on all my runs I didn't knock over a single cone. It fits anywhere on track, there are no tight spots ! The bad: It's underpowered, but, thats good..... If it had more power it would go faster and I'd have rolled it like an egg. I did find it's cornering limits and that's the hairy scary part. The Subie runs on the ragged edge of safe when racing. The rear suspension is fixed, another words, there is no outer rear CV joint. So, the rear wheels follow the arc of the trailing arm, and in high speed corners when the car's weight is shifted, it positive camber's a whole bunch. Whoa!. Pucker me timbers!. Not the greatest set up. What a ton of fun though... Surprisingly, I was on par with many "stock" small cars like stock Honda Civic's and stock Dodge Neon's. If the car was modified I was 5 seconds behind, if the car was REALLY modified I was 10-15 seconds behind, such as the sole purpose Corvettes and full race cars... What I noticed was all the other drivers could whittle times down with more runs and practice. I went flat out every time and just could not go any faster.... Most cars finished the course 89-97 seconds. My best was 102 seconds (on two wheels, stained drivers seat, and finger prints embedded in steering wheel ! ) hahaha For my Subaru 360 car that has so little...I felt like David conquered Goliath !

1967 Mk2 Triumph Spitfire modified roadster.
Fully restored and highly modified, this '67 Triumph Spitfire demands an explanation. But first, check out this graffiti.

ADU 1B Le Mans Spitfire [HD]
HD test footage of the le Mans Spitfire at Snetterton. I have permission from MSV Limited (owners of Snetterton) to show this video on YouTube.

Triumph Spitfire Auto-X
Auto-X event @ RIT. September 25, 2011

Triumph Spitfire 1500, Ascent to Blue Ridge Parkway (Pure Sound)
Video from The Gathering 2014 scavenger hunt in Dobson NC of a 1976 Triumph Spitfire 1500 ascending to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Autocross Mollerussa Nacional 2013 (edgarwrc19)

Triumph 1800 Roadster
The Triumph 1800 Roadster was the first car built by Triumph Motor Company after the end of World War 2. In its production years from 1946 to 1948 the british classic car was supposed to compete against famous Jaguar models. This specimen was built in 1947 and hasn´t lost a bit of its captivation!

Mark Craig's Triumph Spitfire with VDCA @ Road Atlanta
This is a video of Zapata Team member Mark Craig driving his 1972 Triumph Spitfire at Road Atlanta.

Prerov Autocross 2014
by Gaszi Sport Video

Triumph Story
The Triumph Motor Company was a British car and motor manufacturing company. The Triumph marque (trade-name) is owned currently by BMW. The marque had its origins in 1885 when Siegfried Bettmann (1863--1951) of Nuremberg initiated S. Bettmann & Co and started importing bicycles from Europe and selling them with his own trade-name in London. The trade-name became "Triumph" the year next, and in 1887 Bettmann was joined by a partner, Moritz (Maurice) Schulte, also from Germany. Beginning in 1889 the businessmen started producing their own bicycles in Coventry, England. In November 1944 what was left of the Triumph Motor Company and the Triumph trade-name were bought by the Standard Motor Company and a subsidiary "Triumph Motor Company (1945) Limited" was formed with production transferred to Standard's factory at Canley, on the outskirts of Coventry. The pre-war Triumph models were not revived and in 1946 a new range of Triumphs was announced, starting with the Triumph Roadster. The Roadster had an aluminium body because steel was in short supply and surplus aluminium from aircraft production was plentiful. In the early 1950s it was decided to use the Triumph name for sporting cars and the Standard name for saloons and in 1953 the Triumph TR2 was initiated, the first of a series that would be produced until 1981.

Internationaal Triumph Spitfire Weekend 2013 - Appeltern
31e Internationaal Triumph Spitfire Weekend, georganiseerd door de Triumph Spitfire Club Holland, dit jaar op het Groene Eiland in Appeltern op 31 augustus en 1 september 2013.

Practical Classics Magazine: Triumph Spitfire group test
Practical Classics Magazine. Journalist John Simister road tests a group of five very different classic Triumph Spitfires at a soaking wet Bruntingthorpe proving ground in the UK. Models include a standard Mk1 Spitfire, a car fitted with a Renault engine taken from an old Renault 5 GT turbo, a Macao racer replica and a Le-Mans spec Spitfire. Featured in the July 2011 issue of Practical Classics Magazine. Filmed in high definition on the Panasonic AG-AF101. Produced and edited by http://hamishscadding.co.uk

Best of Autocross 2012 - Crash and Girls!
Gaszi Sport Video best of Autocross video 2012. Music: Crazy Town - Butterfly

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